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Interview with Top Australian Fighter &ONE FC Star Adrian Pang!

>> Wednesday, June 01, 2016

  We would love to introduce you guys to the #1 ranked MMA fighter in Australia Adrian Pang! Pang is currently 2-0 in the promotion, and both are wins over stars and top fighters in ONE Championship. Pang is currently signed to ONE Championship, but he actually used to hold the belt in the former promotion Legend FC. Nearing a title shot in ONE we look to learn more about Pang inside and outside of the cage! Check it out!

MMA Repz: Tell us a little bit about yourself, things that interest you, your hobbies etc?
Adrian Pang: "Well I grew up in PNG(Papua New Guinea) & lived a great yet semi- dangerous life growing up among the tribal natives of PNG. We lived right on the coast in KOKOPO & even today the place is like a step back in time & true paradise. My father is PNG / Chinese & my mother is Australian. They met in PNG as both their parents had been in PNG through the war.
Anyway moving forward I own & run Australia’s most successful MMA gym Integrated MMA based in Brisbane. We have produced 3 UFC fighters out of here Kyle Noke, Ben Nguyen & Damien Brown as well as TUF nations stand out Tyler Manawaroa. We also have produced the most pro. MMA champions out of any gym here in Australia combined. I am fortunate to have a beautiful supportive wife of 15 years & two healthy children. We have a son & a daughter that bring endless joy & laughs into our lives."

MMA Repz: So how long have you had an interest in martial arts?
Adrian Pang: "I have been interested in martial arts most of my life, my brother & I would hire out Bruce Lee movies on VHS then attempt to imitate his style. I had always wanted to follow my Asian heritage & wanted learn Chinese Kung fu as soon as I could find a school. In Brisbane after several failed attempts at ridiculous styles I eventually found a strong practical Kung fu system which is Chow Gar Tong Long & I even travelled to Hong Kong to learn off the great Grand Master Ip Shui himself."

MMA Repz: How did you become interested in competing in MMA?
Adrian Pang: "I had always wanted to see if my style could truly defeat another style or system that was prepared to fight against me rather than self defence type scenarios that most arts are known for. I was tired of hearing instructors’ “ not my Sifu “ say they could beat this style ,that style & i wanted actually see if I could do it instead of just talking about it.
I first saw the UFC & saw a Royce Gracie Gi wearing man beat any style put in front of him & knew mixed martial arts was definitely the ultimate test of combat sport. From here I searched for the only Gracie Jiu-Jitsu School I could find in Brisbane & used to take lengthy journeys just to be able to train."
MMA Repz: What emotions do you experience when walking into the cage?
Adrian Pang: "Walking into the cage is a buzz that only a fighter could know the feeling of. I am so excited to put my training & skills to the test against another athlete that has specifically trained to compete against me. I am proud to represent not only my team, my countries & my family but to represent myself!"

MMA Repz: What inspires you?
Adrian Pang: "I am inspired by my mother & my father. They have not been together since I was 7 years old & both came from very humble beginnings. They are both 100% self made successful people after decades of hard work, perseverance & consistency. My mother is the number 1 real estate agent in her office consecutively for years now & recently was just ranked 19th in the whole country. My father owns several huge businesses in PNG including, real estate, hotels, resorts & PNG’s number 1 book maker. It is beyond inspirational what my father has achieved so yes he often times questions why I want to keep fighting for a living haha. "

MMA Repz: How would you describe your time in the promotion ONE Championship?
Adrian Pang: "Being part of One Championship has been a great highlight to my 15 year career. I fought back from a severe injury in 2012 where Doctor’s told me I would never fight again. Since then I have climbed the ladder & stopped all of my opponents inside the distance. I was honoured to be signed by One championship & have enjoyed competing at both events I have actually fought on."

MMA Repz: In ONE the fights are scored in their entirety rather round by round. How big of a difference does that make when scoring a fight and do you believe that is the way things should be?
Adrian Pang: "Like any judging it is always based on what the judge perceives as “attempting to win” a fight. I think it is a good scoring system as I have had a fight or two where grapplers opt to hold you down i.e. lay & pray without trying to finish the fight, therefore all they would need is a few takedowns per round & effectively they are up on the score cards."

MMA Repz: What do you think of ONE's weight cutting program, and what is your opinion on weight cutting in general?
Adrian Pang: "I like the One Championship weight cutting program. Fighter’s not being able to cut via dehydration makes it safer for the competitors as the majority of us do it fairly tough to make the weight. Saying that I feel as a professional making weight is part of the game that only pro’s can do properly, therefore perhaps more amateur fighter’s should be made to abide by the dehydration rule. Either way I believe One Championship is leading the way in safety for its athletes."

MMA Repz: Australian MMA seems to be on the rise and is beginning to produce more and more top fighters. Where do you see Australian MMA being in a few years?
Adrian Pang: "Australian MMA is definitely on the rise & we have many champions in my gym Integrated MMA. The promotions are getting more credible & consistent & the talent of the fighter’s are getting better with each generation. Hopefully in a few years they can get sponsors here like in the USA so Australian athletes can have a good chance at making it big."

MMA Repz: So you are 2-0 in ONE and in both wins you finished two top guys in the promotion. You are definitely in the mix for a title shot along with Lowen Tynanes. Why do you believe you deserve a title shot at Shinya Aoki's belt before the other contenders?
Adrian Pang: "Yes I am 2-0 in One championship & believe I have earned a shot at the title due to my experience outside of One. I have been competing for 15 years & have won 7 o f my last 8 which was a split loss to former champion Jadamba. Tynanes has also had a string of victories under the One banner & he is definitely a young future champion."

MMA Repz: How do you feel you compare stylistically to Shinya Aoki?
Adrian Pang: "Stylistically Shinya & I are a good match. Although it is modern day MMA it appears to have the works of a classic striker Vs grappler match. He is a legend in the sport & I used to watch him in early Pride type days of him dismantling limbs from his opponents. I believe if he chose to stand with me it would not be a good night for him!"

MMA Repz: Would you prefer to do a #1 contender match up against Lowen Tynanes first?
Adrian Pang: "I believe my time is now! I am ready for their champion & have honoured all my contractual obligations. Tynanes & I would be one cracker of a fight for sure but he is young & has a huge career ahead of him. I am ready for Shinya Aoki now."

MMA Repz: Any idea on when you would like to fight next? Anybody you want to call out?
Adrian Pang: "I am likely one of the most humble athletes in the sport. I come from a traditional background & say very little in regards to trash talking but if you have seen me fight you can see I am a different animal in the cage.
I have been ready to fight since March of this year & am waiting for One to have something on paper for me which I feel will be very soon now the Bangkok card is over."
MMA Repz: Any last things that you would like to say to the fans?
Adrian Pang: "I would like to thank all of my fans & supporters from around the world for all your ongoing encouragement & support. It is truly humbling to have so many people that can relate to my circumstance as a fighter, father, husband, business owner & battling back from adversity the way I have over the years to establish myself as one of the best LW MMA fighter’s in the world. My team IntegratedMMA, Team Compton training centre, Nitro Boxing & fitness centre, Phuket Top team & my loyal ongoing sponsors Fairtex Thailand, Australian Sports Nutrition, QA signs, Instinct Sports Nutrition & Fighters Worldwide Clothing."


Floyd Mayweather: McGregor Would Be A Tough Fight!

>> Saturday, May 14, 2016

  Dana White in  a recent interview said that McGregor boxing Mayweather would be "impossible". Mayweather in a recent interview with Showtime had something different to say however,

"It's really not a rumor. The fight may happen. We really don't know, as of right now. As of right now. But do I think it will happen? Absolutely. We're the A-Side, of course. It has to be a boxing match, because most fights that Conor McGregor won inside the Octagon, he was a stand up guy. So I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a tough fight for me. We really don't know as of right now, but there's been a lot of talk, and hopefully we can make the fight happen."

  Pretty big statements right there in opposing Dana White by saying he thinks the fight will "Absolutely" happen, and to say that McGregor would be a tough fight. Interesting that he on the outside with his words seems to respect McGregor's striking skills. McGregor has the power to crumble the chin of any man not named Nate Diaz, but Mayweather is arguably the greatest defensive boxer of all time and in some peoples eyes the great boxer ever. With Mayweather having the art of hitting and not getting hit nearly mastered and with a solid chin how big of a threat is McGregor really?

  This writer personally believes that Floyd Mayweather would embarrass Conor McGregor, and MMA would become the laughing stock of the boxing world afterwards. McGregor would definitely have plenty of time to catch him with a big one, and being a southpaw he could present some challenges in that aspect, but then again Mayweather bested Manny Pacquiao with ease, and Pacquiao is both a southpaw and arguably the second greatest boxer of this generation. McGregor does have the size and reach advantage though being 5'9 with a 74 inch reach advantage, and Mayweather being 5'8 with a 72 inch reach. We will keep you updated on how this develops.


Corruption On The Scale & ONE FC

>> Tuesday, May 03, 2016

  ONE Championship superstar and rising MMA prospect Angela Lee is set to take on veteran Mei Yamaguchi for the inaugural ONE Championship Female Atomweight Championship on May 6th. Just in time for fight week a little bit of controversy is stirring up and is slowly spreading across social media, but that is. The controversy is surrounding corruption on the weight scale for the fight.

  After a fight died last year due to an intense weight cut the organization and Asian MMA giant ONE Championship implemented a new weight cutting program where fighters are allowed to fight at a specific weight in accordance to their walk weight and training weight. The rules of their weight cutting program are below highlighted in the gray.

Rumor has it though that Angela Lee failed to meet the requirements to fight at Atomweight however. So naturally Mei might have wanted to pull out, but either ONE threw more money in the Japanese title contender's direction to keep this entire thing on the down low and to not pull out of the fight. You can clearly see the size difference in the picture at the top of this article. There is no way that they walk around at the same weight, but this was speculated by some to be the case when this fight was first announced actually. Let's see how this situation unfolds. This may leave many people rooting for Mei than before, but Lee is the huge favorite already.

"1. Athletes must submit their current walking weight and daily training weight regularly. Athletes will input and track their daily weight online via a dedicated web portal. Athletes may input data weekly but must include daily weights.
2. Athletes will be assigned to their weight class based on collated data and random weight checks. Athletes are not allowed to drop a weight class when less than 8 weeks out from an event.
3. During fight week, weights are checked daily. Urine specific gravity will also be checked the day after arrival and 3 hours prior to the event.  Athletes must be within their weight class and pass specific gravity hydration tests all week and up to 3 hours before the event.  If an athlete falls outside the weight, or fails a test, they are disqualified from the event.  Doctors may request additional testing at their discretion.
4. Catch weight bouts are allowed. However, the athlete with the higher weight will not be heavier than 105% of the lighter opponent’s weight.
5. ONE will conduct random weight checks on athletes at our discretion.
6. Athletes may petition to change weight classes outside of the 8-week competition zone and must be within their new desired weight at that time. In addition, athletes must pass a specific gravity urine test when their weight is within the limits of the newly petitioned weight class. ONE doctors can request additional testing to determine the amount of weight drop allowed over a specific time.
7. The usage of IVs for the purpose of rehydration will not be allowed.
Overage and limits of weight reduction:
· 3 weeks to event day: Athlete must be within contracted weight class
· 4 weeks: 1.5% bodyweight over max
· 5 weeks: 3%
· 6 weeks: 4.5%
· 7 weeks: 6%
· 8 weeks: 6% max over.
(ONE Chief Doctor may approve up to +/- 0.5% maximum error in any weekly weight check)"


John Dodson: I Will Pile Up As Many Bodies As Possible To Get That Title

>> Sunday, April 17, 2016

  John Dodson returned to the bantamweight division last night after number one pound for pound fighter and Flyweight king Demetrious Johnson kicked him out of the division. He defeated Manny Gamburyan by a vicious knockout 47 seconds into the first round. Dodson is one of the few men in the lower weight classes with that tremendous power, and he showcased it last night. The man is motivated to start over again in a different division and he is motivated! Check out the video below!

  Dodson back at Bantamweight is exciting. That is 10 less pounds to cut which is much healthier for him, and a step forward in the right direction for the sport in my opinion by setting a good example of cutting less weight. Now "The Magician" is able to compete in some pretty exciting and or fresh match ups against tough fighters such as champion Cruz, legend/ veteran Faber, contender Assuncao, rising stars Almeida/ Sterling/ Garbrandt, and a rematch with former champ Dillashaw who he actually beat via first round knockout at the TUF 14 Finale. In this division he will probably be at somewhat of a size disadvantage, but he will have to make up with that by being a much more technical and showcasing his skill. Dodson was arguably one of the fastest at Flyweight which says a lot about just how quick he is, and he definitely will hold a speed advantage over most Bantamweights and one more thing is that his POWER is certainly beyond any other Bantamweight. In my personal opinion he reminds me of a mini Mike Tyson when you want to think about how he is short for his weight class, but has that incredible mix of chin crumbling power and blinding speed. On top of that look at his physique and it appears somewhat similar. Now if he can mix his technical prowess in he can be a tremendous force in the division.

  It it somewhat unfortunate that during his entire time at Flyweight we never got to see him fight Benavidez or Horiguchi to see who was the true #2 at Flyweight behind the one and only Demetrious Johnson. Who would you like to see him fight in his next fight?


Frankie Edgar: I am going to put Aldo away!

>> Friday, April 08, 2016

  Frankie Edgar is riding a 5 fight win streak currently, and is currently ranked #2 according to the UFC's official Featherweight rankings. His current win streak includes a third round TKO of BJ Penn, fifth round submission of Cub Swanson, and a first round knockout of Chad Mendes. Now he gets his shot at UFC gold for the first time in three years. The catch is that it is for the interim title and against the only man to defeat him at featherweight, Jose Aldo who beat him back at UFC 156 in a close fight for the actual belt. Now things have changed. Aldo is no longer the champion, Conor McGregor holds the belt, and these two will fight for the interim belt and likely in their next fight take on the real champion. Odd thing is the champion of the division is fighting on the same card, and two weight classes higher.

  The first fight between Aldo and Edgar was a very close fight in which we saw Aldo clearly win the first two rounds, and Edgar clearly take the fourth and fifth rounds. The third round was very even. Now these two will meet again at UFC 200 on July 9, and Edgar is extremely confident in his chance to avenge the last loss.

"It's going to be over three years at this point (since the last fight). I'm very comfortable, I feel like I'm coming into my own more and more and I'm coming there to finish him 100%. He has a lot to try and bounce back from and he's going to have a lot of pressure on him but I feel like it's my time right now."

  Fans are starting to believe in Edgar's ability to finish his opponents. Frankie Edgar is confident he can finish Aldo in this encounter instead of leaving up to the judges which was the case the first time,

"I definitely think if I touch him and string my punches together, put that pressure on him I'm going to make him wilt and I'm going to put him away."

Edgar is certainly excited for the opportunity to get gold wrapped around his waist again even if it is the interim belt, and this fight opens the door to fight for the shot at the official belt. Does he have "The Answer" to beat both Aldo and McGregor? He certainly has the tools to do so with his mix of striking, takedowns, grappling, fast pace, volume, and cardio. Ever since the loss to Aldo he has shown vast improvement in his footwork, head movement, use of different angles, feinting, ability to transition from striking to grappling, and his ability to do damage from top position. He has evolved and the Frankie that we see now is a new problem to solve.


Rampage Set For Bellator Return In June!

>> Thursday, April 07, 2016

  After a successful run in Bellator and then signing to the UFC despite his contract with Bellator not being complete, and a long legal battle the PRIDE veteran is scheduled to enter the Bellator cage once again. His return will be at a special event as well. Bellator Dynamite 2 on June 24 which will be the second event by the promotion that will feature both MMA and Kickboxing bouts on the same card. His opponent will be against Japanese fighter and olympic gold medalist, Satoshi Ishii. The bout will be at a catchweight which is odd because light heavyweight ends at 205 pounds and as soon as go over 205 you are immediately at heavyweight.

  Satoshi Ishii is a veteran to DREAM, Inoki, and Rizin. He was awarded a gold medal for his success in Judo at the 2008 Olympics. He has a 14-4-1 record and has fought many popular names such as Fedor Emelianenko, Cro Cop, Hidehiko Yoshida, Kazuyuki Fujita, Jerome Le Banner, Tim Sylvia, and Jeff Monson. He has solid credentials and is well experienced against many big names. Although Ishii is likely to be the underdog once the odds come in.

  Rampage back in Bellator opens the door to many opportunities for himself however. He can compete in Japan in the Rizin promotion on occasion if he would like to. Another thing is he can fight in some odd matches that in the end no matter what fans say would generate numbers such as fights with Fedor Emelianenko, Kimbo Slice, King Mo rematch, Phil Davis, Wanderlei Silva, and even a possible title fight with Liam McGeary. We may see Rampage be able to compete in a few kickboxing matches if the opportunity arrives. Stay on the look out for more announcements.


Jose Aldo: My Fire Is Lit Again

>> Tuesday, April 05, 2016

  Jose Aldo is currently scheduled to take on Frankie Edgar in a rematch at UFC 200 for the Interim Featherweight belt. The two originally met at UFC 156, and it was a closely contested fight in which we saw Aldo win rounds one and two clearly and Edgar winning four and five decisively. Meanwhile that middle round was even, and fans debate on that round to this day. Aldo is not exactly excited to be fighting for an interim belt however,

"It’s a bit frustrating, of course, because we expected the title fight, but it’s kind of what they said they would do, that we would fight Frankie Edgar for the belt, but it’s not the undisputed belt. But what can I do? We’re hired to go there and fight."

  Jose Aldo is motivated nonetheless because if he wins this fight he will either become the official UFC Featherweight Champion once again if McGregor does not return to the division or he will fight McGregor for the title that was snatched from him in 13 seconds in December by that Irishman. According to Aldo his fire is lit again,

"It means nothing. I want the victory so I get the belt next. That’s the first step we’re taking. Interim belt is made for media and fans, not for me. I want the undisputed belt. I respect Frankie Edgar, but I’ll get there and win. This lit that fire again, this desire to go there and win."


JDS: Rothwell fight going to be tougher than Overeem fight

>> Wednesday, March 23, 2016

  Junior "Cigano" Dos Santos has fallen from grace. He was at the top of the heavyweight division and fans marveled at the sight of his boxing. He was considered the best boxer in MMA by many. He was finishing opponents. He was that brilliant knockout artist for a champion that the fans had been waiting for. He defended his belt against Frank Mir in wonderful fashion in 2011, but has not been able to string together a win streak since then but has still managed to stay constantly in the top 5. Cain Velasquez after the title defense would come back to steal the soul of Dos Santos in a 5 round mauling that saw the Brazilian giant gassed, bloody, bruised, face swollen, and beaten far beyond belief. He then would finish Mark Hunt in his following fight with a spinning hook kick that was amazing especially when you factor in that Dos Santos rarely throws kicks and Hunt's solid chin. He would challenge Velasquez for the belt again only to be mauled in an even more on sided bout that would see Dos Santos finished by TKO in the fourth round, afterwards he fought Miocic in a closely contested bout where the Brazilian brawler would take a great amount of damage as well. In his most recent contest he finally stepped into the cage with long time nemesis, DREAM Heavyweight Champion, K1 Heavyweight Grand Prix champion, Strikeforce Heavyweight champion, and phenomenal striker Alistair Overeem, but was finished in what was a very one sided fight where we saw him knocked out in the second round.

  Soon he will take on the rising heavyweight who is on the verge of a title shot Ben Rothwell, and soon Cigano believes this fight is do or die,
"Yeah, for sure. I think it’s a very important fight for me. Right now, I feel this fight that I have with Ben Rothwell is tougher than my last fight. I know I had a negative result in my last fight but this one now, I think if I win, and I will win this fight now, this win will put me back in the place I was before, the number one or two in the rankings and close to a title fight again. Of course I’m not thinking about title fight now, I just wanna be in the best position I can. It’s my whole life, it’s very important for me."
  Rothwell is on a four fight win streak over quality opponents. One of them is over the last man to defeat Dos Santos as well, and Big Ben did it in one round as well. Rothwell is a handful for anyone, but you can never count out the power of Dos Santos as well. This will be an interesting contest to watch and if Junior picks up the win that just may shake up things in the division.


Urijah Faber: I'm A Bad Match Up for McGregor

  The California Kid still wants a fight with Conor McGregor. Then again everybody from 185 pounds and below wants to fight the Irishman. That is the money fight after all. Fans have been talking about this potential fight for a while, and when Rafael Dos Anjos pulled out of his fight with McGregor with a broken foot the leader of Team Alpha Male attempted to fill that empty spot before Nate Diaz was chosen as the opponent. McGregor would go on to lose to Diaz by way of submission thus leading to Faber after the fight leaving this message for McGregor,

"I’m definitely a bad match-up for him, though. (I’ve) got the most submissions in UFC history, and he has a history of submitting."

  Faber could benefit from the knowledge of his teammate, Chad Mendes, who did arguably well
against McGregor in a UFC Interim title fight. Chad Mendes was able to take the Irishman down by simply shooting in with no set ups, control him in guard, and he did managed to land a few good punches that more so showcased the chin of McGregor, but before Diaz that was the most success anybody had in the Octagon against the man who is now the current Featherweight Champion. Faber has only lost one non-title fight, and that was to current number on featherweight contender, and he has had some close or questionable fights recently. Maybe Faber is on a decline. He is 37 afterall. Right now though his full focus on the fight ahead of him against Dominick Cruz for the bantamweight belt.


Conor McGregor Teammate Calls For Him To Move To Lightweight For Good

>> Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Conor McGregor weighing in at 168 pounds for UFC 196
  Gunnar Nelson is a teammate of Conor McGregor who is not a fan of cutting weight. He would rather have his camps focused on being in shape and fight preparation rather than cutting weight. This is why he has moved to welterweight and stopped competing at lightweight, and as he stated on Submission Radio recently, "Yeah I would have liked to see him stay in lightweight. I think that's the more natural weight for him and I think he would have felt a lot better, you know, felt a lot better before his fights and in the camp and not having to worry about all that major weight cut. So I think it's more natural for him. But you know, it is what it is, he makes the cut and he does it every time and it doesn't seem to affect him much in the fight. But you know me, I'm not a big believer or supporter of this type of stuff, these heavy, big weight cuts. I'd like to see it taken completely out and I'd like to see people just going into the fights in their walking-around weight. You know, people just fighting other people that are the same weight, but they're not cutting the weight. It seems like a dumb situation to me. Because some guy does it then everybody has to do it." 

  This writer would like to see Conor McGregor defend his belt first even though I am not the biggest fan of weight cutting myself. He won the belt, and has yet to defend it. He moved up and got knocked
down and lost against a great opponent in Nate Diaz. He still has Edgar and Holloway to defend against, and an Aldo rematch that many fans want to see. If he loses the belt or gets through those title defenses then I personally would be in favor of him moving up to lightweight. It would be interesting to see the changes in his style to fight the larger lightweights. Much of his style is based around the fact that he has a height and reach advantage over most of his featherweight foes and his power will rattle the chins of smaller men more.

  The opinions on weight cutting have changed so much in the last year or two. Fans used to demand that fighters cut more weight and would celebrate when a fighter would make the cut, and as new information comes out on the practice of weight cutting the minds of both those inside and outside of the cage are changing. Fans were pleading for Frankie Edgar to drop to featherweight back when he
Frankie Edgar a current featherweight fighting a very close and competitive fight
with a future welterweight Benson Henderson at lightweight
held the belt at lightweight that he cut only 5 pounds to win compared to all of the men he was defeating who would cut 20-30 pounds to make weight, and even now he is a top guy at 145 pounds which still is not a huge cut for him considered he walks around 160 pounds and his opponents walk around 10 pounds more often times. Gunnar Nelson abandoned the practice of big weight cuts and slowly this trend of cutting less weight is becoming popular.



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