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Jacare: "There's no doubt I'm next."

>> Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The former Strikeforce Middleweight champion believes that he rightfully deserves a shot at Chris Weidman's middleweight belt. Many agree with him. After all since debuting in the UFC back in 2013 he has went 5-0 in the promotion; finish four of those five, however he is currently riding on an 8 fight win streak. His current streak includes wins over a few good opponents. The issue here is the man who dethroned him in Strikeforce, Luke Rockhold, is also close to a title shot. I will go into my thoughts on who deserves it more later.

In a recent interview Jacare showed respect for the current Middleweight champion's grappling, "My styles matches his. I have seen him fight at ADCC, he is really good on the ground. Not to mention he is a Renzo Gracie blackbelt, so he is not anybody.  Many people say he didn't convince yet, but yes he did. I'm here to take the belt of this great champion who is Chris Weidman. Anyone can fight me on the ground, but sooner or later, they'll pay for it."

"There's no doubt I'm next. I'm very confident, no matter what my ranking number is.  I'm undefeated in the UFC, it has been five straight wins so far. The man ahead of me has already been knocked out and that counts a lot."

  Rockhold hands down deserves the next title shot. Look at who Rockhold has beat on his current win streak. Rockhold has defeated Philippou, Boetsch, Bisping, and Machida. He did not just beat all of those guys, but he also finished them all in no later than the second round, and most importantly they were one sided fights. Those four wins are much better than any from Jacare's current win streak. Jacare's current UFC win streak's two best names are Okami and Mousasi. Jacare is an excellent fighter, has improved his boxing a lot, and I believe he would be an interesting match up for Weidman, but I do not think he deserves it. This is coming from me, and I have been a huge fan of Jacare's since his Strikeforce days.


Dana White: Cerrone next for title shot

"'Cowboy' looked insanely good. He kept his composure, put together combinations to the legs and head. He looked unbelievable. I will give you this, yes, Cowboy Cerrone is next in line for a title shot."

Dana declared to ESPN that Cowboy will finally get the title shot many fans have wanted to see him get. He is riding an 8 fight win streak and has been fighting every few months or so. Those 8 wins all came in the last two years.

This championship fight will actually be a rematch of three round bout Cerrone had with Rafael Dos Anjos back in 2013 that Cowboy lost by a unanimous decision. I believe this match will be different than their first encounter. Will Cerrone pace himself differently for this five round fight? Afterall the last time he competed in a five round fight was five years ago against Benson Henderson. What approach will he take to ensure that he gets his hand raised against Dos Anjos in the rematch? This will certainly be an interesting fight.

If Cowboy can win the belt, and defend it as often as he currently does then he will break records for the most consecutive title defenses in no time or he may get a record for the most title defenses in the shortest amount of time. On a final note congratulations to Cowboy, but I am picking Dos Anjos.


Matches To Make At Light Heavyweight

>> Monday, May 25, 2015

A new champion in the light heavyweight division for the first time since Jones dominated Rua to capture the title, and become the youngest UFC champion ever back in 2011. DC fought intelligently and wore down the rising contender that was Anthony Johnson, or more commonly known as Rumble. Rumble landed a punch early in the first that sent Cormier flying a few feet back, and landing belly first in the canvas. Cormier popped up quick was put in even more trouble until he got the takedown and finished the round with wrestling control. Similar story in the second round, but Cormier broke him mentally in the last half of that round, and finished Rumble in the third. A new champion at last! I would not call this a new era for the light heavyweight division however. Just wait...
 In the division there are no clear top contenders with any serious momentum behind themselves exactly. With no exact time table or any clue as into when the former pound for pound kingpin Jon "Bones" Jones will return for his immediate title shot, which Dana said he would get upon returning, the division is in an odd place. You readers know what I am here for though! To sort this shit out!

Daniel Cormier(16-1) vs. Ryan "Darth" Bader(19-4)-Before You Say Anything Read This
  Let's face it.... Who else makes sense right now? Bader is the only person in the division with a good streak over a top and relevant fighters in the divison. Bader is on a four fight win streak that includes names such as Perosh, Cavalcante, OSP, and newly signed Bellator athlete Phil Davis. Everyone else is coming off a loss basically when you look at top guys like Gustafsson, and both Henderson and Teixeria are coming off two losses each. Rashad hasn't fought in nearly two years, and at 35 likely is not getting any better especially coming off of a knee surgery. With no clues at all as into when Jones will return who really makes sense?
  Both of these guys want to fight each other right now anyways. Bader confronted the former two time Olympic wrestler at the post-fight press conference for UFC 187. DC did not like that, and later went on to state that him and Bader need to settle some unfinished business. A grudge match is brewing, and Bader who is the only guy with a decent win streak in the divison has been trash talking much which is very uncharacteristic of himself. Why? He wants that title! Might as well give it to him. On a final note Bader is the only guy showing any noticeable improvement as well.

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson(19-5) vs Quinton "Rampage" Jackson(36-11)
  Rumble although losing to Cormier proved that he is a top contender still. He launched Cormier a few feet back in the first round with an overhand, and in the second he put the new UFC Light Heavyweight Champion on some seriously wobbly legs with the head kicks he was landing in the second round. Anyone with Cormier on top is going to struggle a lot, but Johnson still seemed to be lacking much on the ground. Johnson needs to refine his ground game from the back, and his wrestling defense if expects to beat Cormier in a rematch.
  Rampage wants a title again before he ends his career no doubt! He started his current four fight win streak in Bellator with two knockouts, and then two decisions. In his last win he showed that even in his age, and at this point in his career that he knows he needs to make changes if he wants to be a legitimate contender again. He mixed it up in his last fight by abandoning his punching exclusive style, and adding in kicks, knees, clinching etc. It wasn't exactly the greatest performance of his career, but it was refreshing to see that from Jackson.
  Rampage is a name with some value. He wants to get to a title, and he most definitely wants to fight someone who will stand with him! Who else better for him than Rumble? Both guys have power in every strike especially in their hands, can take a hit, and want a way back to that title. A win does not mean as much for Rumble, but in less likely scenario that Rampage wins it would mean a lot. Plus the fans want to see two hard hitters swing it out for the knockout! Not too many fights in this division mean a whole lot, and we need odd matches like this to move things around a little.

Alexander "The Mauler" Gustafsson(16-3) vs. OSP(18-6)/ Teixeira(22-4) Winner
  One, I do not believe the Mauler is exactly ready to step in there with Rumble again just yet, and two I want to see those two have a break from one another where things between them can build up in a distant way as both do their own thing as they build themselves back up. Gustafsson is definitely not in position for a title shot after in his last fight being viciously finished; no matter how bad of a match up he may possibly be for Cormier with his footwork, striking, and wrestling defense. Gustafsson still needs a contender which the upcoming fight between OSP and Teixeira will most likely produce.
  A contender will be produced from OSP vs Teixeira, but even though one shall be produced they will remain just out of reach of a title shot. What they need to get that title shot is a win over a guy like Gustafsson who despite coming off of a loss is a top guy. A top guy is what they The way this entire situation works out is odd. I see Teixeira beating OSP as the most likely scenario here. If my prediction is correct then Gustafsson vs Teixeira will be an interesting match up assuming that is stays standing.

OPTIONS FOR THE VETERANS(Evans, Hendo, and Rampage)
Time to put this long article to a rest!
Rampage vs. Rashad 2: Both guys are on their way out, but both want to stay in and move up. Only one can remain. This fight would show will keep one guy relevant, and the loser whoever it may be will slip into lower part of the top 15.
Hendo vs. Rashad 2: Their first encounter was not anything spectacular. I guess I could have said the same about the original fight for the one listed above this one. Hendo doesn't want out, is on a decline, and Rashad needs a good warm up fight when he returns to show us where he is at. At 35, coming off a knee surgery, and a long lay off we need to see where he is at!
Rampage vs Hendo 2: Both guys actually are good wrestlers, and both can hit hard. This fight would just keep the winner relevant. Then again that is what all three of these fights does somewhat.

In the end not a whole lot makes sense in this division at the moment. We need to let these match ups happen, and let everything work itself out slowly.



Match Ups To Make At Lightweight

At the spectacular event that was UFC 187 Cerrone solidified his spot as the undisputed number one contender after breaking his opponent's jaw with a head kick. This division is so stacked that it has always been confusing when it comes to deciding who should fight who. Someone needs to end all of this confusion, and that is what I'm here for folks. Time for me to make sense of this division. I am going to do this in order of most important to the least important match ups to make, but I am only going to do a few here,

Rafael Dos Anjos(24-7) vs. Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone(28-6-1NC)
  Rafael dominated in most recent performance which allowed him to capture the belt from the always exciting Anthony Pettis. In his performance he fought smart by putting a ton of pressure on the former WEC and UFC belt holder. He delivered five rounds of punishment to get a unanimous decision victory.
  Cerrone is riding an 8 fight win streak! All 8 of those fights have occurred within the last two years! That is insane considering most top fighters fight on average twice per year. Cerrone has fought a total of 11 times since 2013. Those 11 fights include a loss to Pettis, win over Noons, loss to the current champion Rafael, and then that 8 fight win streak starts after that. Last night Cowboy delivered a brutal head kick that shattered his opponent's jaw and forced him to quit thus establishing himself as the true number one contender with no if, ands, or buts about it.
  Both guys are improved versions of themselves from their 2013 encounter. Dos Anjos will be looking to solidify that he is the superior fighter once and for all over Cerrone. Cowboy will be looking to prove that he has everything it takes to be a champion, an exciting champion, and to prove that RDA was only better on that particular Augusut night in 2013. Cerrone is on a roll! He stated that after this fight he would wait for the title shot. He is done taking short notice fights. He is so close to the belt, and he is not going to ruin any chances for himself to get the title shot.

Benson "Smooth" Henderson(22-5) vs. Khabib "The Eagle" Nurmagomedov(22-0)
  Benson for the first time ever dropped two straight. The first loss coming from current champion
Rafael Dos Anjos by way of knockout in the first round, and the second against Donald Cerrone in what was a close decision that went in Cowboy's favor. He still holds two wins over top contender Cerrone however. A month after his most recent loss to Cowboy he took a fight at welterweight against a much bigger foe in Brandon Thatch. At welterweight the man known as Smooth looked great, and he finished as well. Benson was soon after scheduled once again for another fight against rising contender, and Blackzilian, Michael Johnson. The fight was scrapped recently for unknown reasons though. Henderson lives to improve, and get that belt again! He wants a fight that is only going to get him closer to it!
 Khabib is the undefeated Russian who has only one gameplan. That game plan is to take you down from the clinch, to keep you down, and do whatever his bidding is. That is all he does. He has been building a hype train. The Eagle is actually the last man to defeat the former champ. He has had two knee injuries which have kept him out of action since his last appearance in the Octagon last year. On social media he has made it very clear that he wants a fight that will put him in a position to fight for the title. Hell, he believes that he he already does deserve the shot. Some convincing still needs to be done on his part however.
  This is a true number one contender bout. A win over Khabib would put Benson on a two fight win streak that would most likely get him the title shot. Pretty dangerous match up for the former champion as well. He will need to implement a careful gameplan that would likely place heavy emphasis on striking. Khabib would come in with the same as he always does, but if for some reason he can't get this to the mat he is fucked because his stand up based on what we have seen of it is pretty lackluster, and a man like Benson would love to hammer kicks on his Russian skull. Both guys are solid contenders, and big respected names in their division. Can Benson piece together the Sambo puzzle that is Khabib, find the answer, that 22 before him have failed to do?

What To Do With Michael Johnson?
He doesn't even know
  He needs a win over a big name if he wants to keep his momentum going. Myself, and most others are picking Pettis to defeat Myles Jury on July 25th. If Pettis wins a fight with Johnson would be a good step back to the title. Who knows how much damage Pettis or Jury may take in that fight, or if an injury may occur that might possibly cause either fighter to sit out for a while. Would Johnson be comfortable losing some momentum waiting to fight a guy like Pettis(Only if Pettis won of course)? The momentum a fighter builds is generally a big factor in rather they get a title shot or not.
  Another option for the Blackzilian is to take a quick fight against Nate Diaz who is looking to get back in the cage after losing in his last fight to the current lightweight champion last year. The Stockton slugger would not be someone who would keep the momentum Johnson has going very well however. That is the problem, on the other hand it keeps him active. If he lost to Diaz then that would send him back for sure. Tricky situation here.


UFC 187: Johnson vs Cormier Results & Updates

>> Sunday, May 24, 2015

  Now this pay per view lived up to the hype! The main card did at least. Both Blackzilians gave their opponents a tremendous amount of trouble on the feet; especially Rumble. Both were taken down with ease by their opponents, who both have great wrestling bases, and once it hit the mat their dreams of having the belt wrapped around their waste tonight quickly disappeared. Rumble seemed to have been broken by DC after the second round. Cerrone solidified himself as the true number one contender in the division after landing a jaw breaking knockout. Browne and Arlovski went toe to toe in what was a one round war. The flyweights excited in the first fight of the main card as well.

Vacant UFC Light Heavyweight Championship
Anthony Johnson(19-5) vs. Daniel Cormier(16-1)
- Daniel Cormier Victory
- Round 3
- Submission(Rear Naked Choke)

UFC Middleweight Championship
Chris Weidman(13-0) vs. Vitor Belfort(24-11)
- Chris Weidman Victory
- Round 1

Lightweight Bout
Donald Cerrone(28-6) vs. John Makdessi(12-4)
- Donald Cerrone Victory
- Round 2
- TKO(Broken Jaw via Head Kick)

Heavyweight Bout
Travis Browne(17-3-1) vs. Andrei Arlovski(24-10)
- Andrei Arlovski Victory
- Round 1

Flyweight Bout
Joseph Benavidez(22-4) vs. John Moraga(16-4)
- Joseph Benavidez Victory
- Unanimous Decision

Flyweight Bout
John Dodson(18-6) vs. Zach Makovsky(19-6)
Dodson Slamming Makovsky In the Second Round

- John Dodson Victory
- Unanimous Decision

Welterwight Bout
Dong Hyun Kim(20-3-1) vs. Josh Burkman(28-12)
- Dong Hyun Kim Victory
- Round 3
- Submission(Arm Triangle)

Middleweight Bout
Uriah Hall(11-5) vs. Rafael Natal(20-6-1)
- Rafael Natal Victory
- Split Decision

Fight of the Night: Browne vs Arlovski
Knockout of the Night: Browne vs Arlovski
Submission of the Night: Daniel Cormier
Best Performance of the Night: 
MY Overall Event Rating: 9/10

Fight of the Night:
Knockout of the Night:
Submission of the Night:
Best Performance of the Night:
MY Overall Event Rating: /10

Fight of the Night:
Knockout of the Night:
Submission of the Night:
Best Performance of the Night:
MY Overall Event Rating: /10

Fight of the Night:
Knockout of the Night:
Submission of the Night:
Best Performance of the Night:
MY Overall Event Rating: /10

Fight of the Night:
Knockout of the Night:
Submission of the Night:
Best Performance of the Night:
MY Overall Event Rating: /10


ONE Championship Heading To China June 20!

>> Saturday, May 23, 2015

ONE Championship just held a successful event. Nothing has been announced for this fight except for that it will take place on June 20th in the city of Guangzhou, China.

Expect to see many local Chinese talent competing on the card. The land has a great history of martial arts tradition dating back more than 4,000 years. The Chinese take great pride in themselves and will surely look to put on an exciting show for their homecrowd in this event as they take on what will most likely be foreigners. The Chinese MMA landscape has grown vastly, and much of that is thanks to promotions like ONE Championship which are doing a lot to make sure the sport grows in a healthy fashion throughout the region.


ONE Championship: Warrior's Quest Results

ONE Championship Lightweight Championship
Shinya Aoki vs. Koji Ando
- Shinya Aoki Victory
- Unanimous Decision

Inaugural ONE Championship Strawweight Championship
Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke vs. Roy Doliguez
- Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke Victory
- Split Decision

Featherweight Bout(#1 Contender Bout)
Marat Gafurov vs. Ev Ting
- Marat Gafurov Victory
- Round 2
- Submission(Rear Naked Choke)

Lightweight Bout
Kuat Khamitov vs. Lowen Tynanes
- Lowen Tynanes Victory
- Unanimous Decision

Lightweight Bout
Eddie Ng vs. Ariel Sexton
- Ariel Sexton Victory
- Round 2
- Submission(Rear Naked Choke)

Bendeict Ang vs. Waqar Umar
- Benedict Ang Victory
- Unanimous Decision

Women's Bout
Angela Lee. vs. Aya Saeid Saber
- Angela Lee Victory
- Submission(Armbar)


Anderson Silva Does Not Want Jon Jones To Come Back

>> Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TMZ caught up with MMA legend and one of the greatest fighters to ever walk to the planet Anderson "Spider" Silva. They asked him his thoughts on Jon Jones, who was stripped of the belt recently after a hit and run accident involving a pregnant woman.

The Octagon legend stated, "needs to change everything in his life"
TMZ would also go on to ask him if the UFC should bring Jones back and the Spider replied by saying, "I don't think so. Jones is a good boy -- he's a good man. He needs to focus."

I personally would love to see Jones comeback after some time off and making adjustments to his life and once the people running the world's top MMA promotion and his training partners see noticeable changes in himself as a person. Hopefully the former champ can grow from this. Maybe Jones should spend some more time around Anderson and use him even more as a mentor more than ever before in and outside of training.


Cormier Not Worried About the Power of Rumble

>> Monday, May 18, 2015

 This Saturday Daniel Cormier will get a second chance at the light heavyweight title where he will fight Anthony "Rumble" Johnson of the Blackzilians. These two will face off for five rounds maybe less if a finish comes for the vacant light heavyweight belt now that Jones has been stripped and suspended.

  Cormier stated in the countdown that he is not worried about the power of Johnson and that he could take it. I would disagree, and I have been a fan of Cormier since Strikeforce: Houston. Cormier made the claim that he has withstood the hits of heavyweights and that Rumble could not finish Arlovski.

  In my opinion that to not be concerned about Johnson's power is a bad idea especially if you overlook it. Don't let his power and fear of the knockout consume yourself, but be aware that it definitely is something to keep an extremely careful eye on. Johnson is not like anyone that Cormier
faced at heavyweight. The Blackzilian has explosive power and speed which guys like Barnett, Bigfoot, Mir etc lacked. Those fighters hit hard, but they aren't too explosive. Now Cormier did defeat Nelson who has a lot of power, but Cormier fought intelligently and managed to avoid any situation where the power of Nelson's big right could hurt him. Cormier did bring up Arlovski who has lost a majority of the time by knockout and the other few times by decision. Arlovski has not been knocked out in in about four years, and Johnson nearly knocked him out when he hurt him in round one of their three round war in the World Series of Fighting.

Cormier needs to use his head movement, footwork, and get to the inside to clinch so that he can advance to a position where he can score the takedown with ease. Keeping Johnson moving backward or keeping his back on the mat and wearing him down is what Cormier needs to do to be successful. Most importantly Cormier needs to pace himself as well. In the Jones fight we saw him start to fade half way through. We have not seen Johnson go five rounds before so I will not comment about his endurance for now. Should be a great fight either way it goes. I will be cheering for both men when they step in, but I am slightly in favor more of Rumble.

Here is a link to the countdown right here:


Rousey: Tate Made A Career Off Me Beating Her Up

>> Friday, May 15, 2015

Today Ronda Rousey appeared on the Howard Stern show where the champ had a few things to say about her rival that she holds two victories over, "Me beating the crap out of her is the best thing that has ever happened to her. Why? Because she's made a whole career and a living out of it.

The champ later went on to say this as well, "I didn't even want to devote that much time to her in the book," Rousey said. "I could just write a book about why Miesha Tate is a big ol' bitch."

The entire interview can be found here:



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