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>> Monday, December 30, 2013


ONE FC Matchups To Make

>> Thursday, October 24, 2013

  ONE FC recently delivered us another exciting event at ONE FC: Total Domination where we saw many HUGE fights for MMA in Asia. After watching the event I couldn't help but think about who I wanted to see these guys fight next. Now I give you the match ups that ONE FC should set up soon!

Arnaud "The Game" Lepont(9-3) vs Honorio "The Rock" Banario(8-2)

  Both of these men are coming off of losses and neither to bad opponents either. I have seen Lepont doing some talk on Facebook about dropping down to Featherweight and he is looking for an opponent there. Banario recently lost his belt and probably eager to get back into the cage. This fight makes for an interesting stylistic match up as both fight very differently. These two can go to war as well! A win for Lepont would easily establish him in the Featherweight division and with Banario already being an established fighter in his division a win would put him a fight or two away from a title shot. Lepont has exciting entrances and both put on exciting fights. With that kind of combination there is no way the crowd will be doing anything else besides cheering and yelling out for more!

Eric "The Natural" Kelly(9-1) vs Mitch "Dragon" Chilson 2(4-2-1NC)
These two touching gloves before their first encounter.

  Both guys had a good run in ONE FC. Although those streaks recently came to an End after Kelly lost to Banario and Chilson lost to Wiratchai. Both guys have faced on another before and Kely won. It is time for the rematch to finally happen. Both are now coming off losses and need a good win t get them back in the mix for a title shot in ONE FC. Kelly lost on a title shot and Chilson was undoubtedly close to one when he lost. In he original fight they had a exciting one round battle where Kelly was the victor. Chilson has drastically improved since then and showed clear improvement in very fight afterwards. Kelly has become a more dangerous fighter as well. With the original match being an exciting one and both warriors having improved since then this make this a very logical match up that would for use cause fireworks and put the winner a win or two away from a shot at ONE FC gold! The fans have been waiting for this! Give it to them Victor Cui!

Eddie "The Magician" Ng(7-1) vs Lowen Tynanes(5-0)
Ng after recently defeating Peter Davis in his last ONE FC bout

  This is one of the most interesting match ups that could happen in ONE FC. Both Ng and Tynanes are early in their careers but have quickly blazed to the top of the Asian MMA scene after dominating some of the toughest fighters competing in the region. Ng has gone 4-0 in ONE FC by defeating the likes of Chunbo Yuan, Jian Kai Chee, Arnaud Lepont, and recently Peter Davis! Tynanes is 2-0 in the promotion after defeating Vuyisile Colossa and Felipe Enomoto, but let's not forget his dominating win in the URCC over ONE FC star Eduard Folayang which as also only Tynanes second fight! Ng is an explosive starter who is extremely well rounded and Tynanes is a fast starter who dominates using his wrestling and ground ' pound. If Aoki were to ever vacate his Lightweight belt this would be an amazing match up to set up for a vacant Lightweight title fight, but know one knows of Aoki's plans to defend his belt yet. On the bright side there is no way this fight could be boring. Both could challenge one another like no else has challenged either one before. A win by Ng would allow him to make even better claim to being one of the top lightweights out there in ONE FC meanwhile a win for Tynanes may very well grant him a shot at Shinya Aoki's belt! An explosive war between two extremely talented up and comers.

Super-Fight! Shinya "Tobikan Judan" Aoki(34-2-1NC) vs Bibiano "Flash" Fernandes(15-3)

  Ever since Aoki has talked of going to Featherweight there has been talk of him fighting Bibiano Fernandes who used to fight at Featherweight. Now that Aoki has dropped down and won his Featherweight debut against Cody Stevens at ONE FC: Total Domination this super fight can now happen! It would be a fight between the DREAM/ ONE FC Lightweight Champion Shinya Aoki and the Former DREAM Featherweight Champion and the current DREAM/ ONE FC Bantamweight Champion Bibiano Fernandes.  How is that not a super fight?! It would attract masses of fans from across the world! It is also an interesting fight stylistically. Both guys are great grapplers who when they finish it's normally by submission. Fernandes could definitely hang with Shinya Aoki on the ground! To go along with that it would be interesting to see how Aoki's improved striking would play out against the good boxing of Fernandes. On the down side Aoki does seem noticeably weaker at Featherweight and we saw him tired fterwards which was unusual. Meanwhile his hypothetical opponent in this article Fernandes is rarely seen very tired and is strong at any weight class he competes in. This match up would be huge for ONE FC to put on and ifit was accompanied with a stacked card as well then the entire event would be he hugest event in Asian MMA!

  If you agree with me or believe that any one of these fights needs to be seen share the article or spread the word! Cui loves giving fans what they want. Don't forget that on November 15 ONE FC will crown it's first ever Welterweight champion at ONE FC: Warrior spirit! Do not miss it!


ONE FC: Return of Warriors set for February 2nd!

>> Sunday, December 02, 2012

The ONE FC is back at it again! The last ONE FC event, Rise of Kings, was an exciting event where we saw the long anticipated ONE FC debut of Shinya Aoki and the crowing of ONE FC's first two champions. Now it has been confirmed that ONE FC will be returning on February 2nd. The event will be called ONE FC: Return of Warriors. Return of Warriors will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The lightweight and featherweight belts will probably be on the line at this event. If the chance to be the inaugural ONE FC Featherweight champion is on the line it will probably be a battle between the two Filipino warriors Eric "The Natural" Kelly(9-0) and Team Lakay's Honorio "The Rock" Banario(7-1). That has great potential to be an exciting fight. If the lightweight belt is on the line then it will be Kotetsu Boku(20-7-2) fighting either number one Japanese fighter Shinya "Tobikan Judan" Aoki(31-6-1NC) or the number one Filipino lightweight and Team Lakay memeber Eduard "Landslide" Folayang(12-3). With Folayang losing his fight in the most recent URCC event, via Doctor Stoppage, he might not get the title shot. Aoki is rumored to be fighting on the upcoming DREAM New Year's Eve card. If he Aoki can pick up another win and take little damage he might very well be the one that ONE FC favors for the title shot. These all make for exciting matches that should hopefully bring the fans some exciting finishes.

Let's hope they give us another exciting event, another stacked card, and some champions being crowned.

These are not official but if I was to be putting fights together for this card these are the ones that I would set up,

Lightweight Title- Kotetsu Boku vs Eduard Folayang
Inaugural Featherweight Title- Eric Kelly vs Honorio Banario
Bantamweight Title- Soo Chul Kim vs Bibiano Fernandes

Lightweight Bout- Shinya Aoki vs Felipe Enomoto(Then give Aoki the title shot if he were to win)
Lightweight Bout- Arnaud Lepont vs Eddie Ng
Feathereweight Bout- Mitch Chilson vs Bae Young Kwon
Bantamweight Tournament Semi Final- Jens Pulver vs Kevin Belingon


ONE FC: Rise of Kings Results

>> Sunday, October 07, 2012

This was another great event by ONE FC. There were exciting fights, knockouts, TKOs, and a Submission to end the night. The Bantamweight Grand Prix began, the first two ONE FC champions were crowned, and the Aoki won his long anticipated ONE FC debut in spectacular fashion.

Lightweight Bout
Shinya "Tobikan Judan" Aoki(31-6) vs Arnaud "The Game" Lepont(9-2)
- Shinya Aoki Victory
- Round 1
- Submission(Triangle) 

Inaugural ONE FC Lightweight Championship
Zorobabel "Zoro" Moreira(7-2) vs Kotetsu "No Face" Boku(20-7)
- Kotetsu Boku Victory
- Round 3

Inaugural ONE FC Bantamweight Championship
Soo Chul Kim(5-3) vs Leandro "Brodinho" Issa(10-3)
- Soo Chul Kim Victory
- Round 2
- KO

Middleweight Bout
Ryo "Rambo" Kawamura(15-6) vs Melvin "No Mercy" Manhoef(26-9-1-1NC) vs 
- Melvin Manhoef Victory
- Round 1
- KO

Bantamweight Grand Prix Bout
Zhao Ya Fei(1-3) vs Jens "Lil Evil" Pulver(27-17)
- Jens Pulver Victory
- Unanimous Decision(The fight went to a decision after Pulver could no longer continue due to a second kick to the ground)

Bantamweight Grand Prix Bout
"Running Man" Min Jung Song(3-5) vs Masakatsu Ueda(16-2-2)
- Masakatsu Ueda Victory
- Unanimous Decision

Bantamweight Grand Prix Bout
Yusup "Maestro" Saadulaev(9-2-1) vs Kevin "Silencer" Belingon(10-2)
- Kevin Belingon Victory
- Round 1
- KO

Flyweight Bout
Gianni Subba(1-0) vs Bruce Loh(2-2)- Gianni Subba Victory- Round 1- KO

Featherweight Bout
Ngabdi  Mulyadi(5-5) vs Mitch "Dragon" Chilson(4-1-1NC)
- Mitch Chilson Victory
- Round 2

Although there are no Fight, Knockout, or Submission of the Night bonuses given in the ONE FC these are the fighters I would've given them too,

Fight of the Night: 
Knockout of the Night: Melvin Manhoef
Submission of the Night: Shinya Aoki


Miesha Tate doesn't feel she is ready for rematch with Rousey

>> Monday, August 20, 2012

Miesha Tate and Julie Kedzie put on an awesome fight on Saturday night. Miesha was showing heart and managed to come back in the fight and win by a third round arm bar. Miesha doesn't feel she is ready for the title shot yet though,

"I'm not going to ask for that at that point because I don't feel that I deserve it. I think that I need to take a couple fights and I need a better performance than that. I think the fans deserve something better, and I know that I can deliver better than that. ... At this point, I don't feel that my performance, I mean everyone is saying it was ‘Fight of the Night' and everything and that's great and I'm really happy it was an entertaining bout. But I personally am not happy with my performance. I definitely don't think it was a contention worthy performance."


"Jacare" Souza gets a devastating knockout win! Fight video included!

"Jacare" Souza is known for his amazing grappling and submission but he also has very good hands. His striking has been improving greatly and this fight shows it. The Brazilian is certainly showing that he deserves a rematch with the man who took his belt Luke Rokchold. Either him or Lorenz Larkin will be getting the next shot at Rockhold's twice defended belt.


ONE FC: Rise of Kings Fight Card shaping up well

>> Thursday, August 16, 2012

ONE FC: Rise of Kings so far seems like it is going to be a great card with the announcement of Shinya Aoki vs Arnaud Lepont and the fact that three champions will be crowned at this event. Now they have even more announcements. Melvin Manhoef, Zorobabel Moreira, and Singapore's first MMA fighter Radeem Rahman will all be competing on the card. Looks to be a great night of MMA action so far. We will keep you updated on other fighters who will be making appearances on the card and the match ups.


At ONE FC 6: Rise of Kings three champions will be crowned

It was announced not too long ago that at ONE FC: Rise of Kings in Singapore on October 6 three champions will be crowned! Incredible! This should be another exciting show and Shinya Aoki will be fighting on the card as well against French fighter Arnaud Lepont.

Here is what ONE FC CEO Victor Cui had to say about this great upcoming event, "We are coming back to Singapore to put on one of the greatest fight cards in Asian MMA history and to add icing to the cake, we will crown an incredible three World Champions and have our first Super Fight!  Singapore will witness Shinya Aoki and Arnaud Lepont in a super fight that showcases two of the toughest lightweight fighters in Asia. With the largest pool of the top MMA talent in Asia, I have decided that the time is perfect to introduce three ONE FC world titles. This card is going to be epic and fans can expect to see some incredible fights come 6 October."

If you are interested in attending this event will be taking place in Singapore on October 6. Tickets will be available at


Shinya Aoki vs Arnaud Lepont set for ONE FC: Rise of Kings in October

It was announced today on the ONE Fighting Championship facebook page that the former and last DREAM FC lightweight champion Shinya Aoki will be taking on French champion Arnaud Lepont. Also on this card the first ONE FC champions will be crowned.

Shinya Aoki has been working on becoming much more than a one dimensional grappler and submission specialist. He is great at submissions but he has been improving in his striking and has definitely shown in improvement especially with his clinch. Maybe he will decide to keep this one standing or he just might give us another spectacular submission.

Arnaud Lepont is definitely not to be underestimated. He is not nearly as big of a name as Aoki but he has proven himself. He took the action to Brian Choi at ONE FC: War of the Lions and came out with the vitory.

If you are interested in attending this event will be taking place in Singapore on October 6. Tickets will be available at


Cro Cop says he wants to prove he can still compete or die trying

Many fans think the PRIDE FC legend "Cro Cop" should retire meanwhile some think otherwise. He still thinks he can compete at a with the younger guys in MMA or dying trying.

"Concerning my retirement from the UFC, I said it was my last fight for the UFC and last fight on the present contract, but I did not say, 'I won't keep fighting,' I never said that. I think the best thing to say is that I was born to fight. If you ask me, when I look deep into my soul, of course I would like to fight MMA again. People don't get it. Martial arts is my life. My motivation now is to prove to everyone that I'm still capable of being in the cage. I'm not old. I'm 37, but I can do things that fighters 10 years younger cannot. I will prove that, or I will die trying."



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