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Cris Cyborg: Ronda Rousey Can't Take A Punch

>> Thursday, November 19, 2015

  Cristiane Justino although more commonly known by her nickname "Cyborg" is the long time rival of now ex-UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey has not held her tongue when it comes to Rousey who she considers a bully for the things that Ronda has said about her. After the MMA world's jaw dropped as they saw Ronda Rousey's entire body drop from a head kick from Holly Holm the long time rival of MMA icon Ronda Rousey did not take long to respond,

"I knew the way. I already knew Ronda could not take a punch. I said it before that she had never been really punched in the face before. If you watch her sparring sessions, only Ronda would hit, nobody would hit her back and we know what the sport is like. She had never taken an opponent who knew how to strike and had knockout power.  Most girls she faced were flyweights who moved up, but not Holly Holm. She is my size and that mattered.

"I believe that's why Ronda said she would only fight me if I dropped to bantamweight, because she's aware of my physical strength, my size, and she knows that would be a problem for her. Holly Holm is as tall as me, it's the same, there was no need for someone from a heavier weight class. She came from the same weight class and showed Ronda reality."

  Cyborg is the current Invicta Featherweight Champion and the former Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion. Invicta is credible, and Strikeforce was credible when it was around. Cyborg ended the career of former female MMA icon Gina Carano. The face of Brazilian Women's MMA has obliterated all who have stepped into the cage with her. She assassinated the last two victims brave enough to sign a contract to fight her in less than a minute each. On top of that she has gone 2-1 in kickboxing with her only loss coming against Jorina Bars(37-0) in what actually was a competitive contest against the greater experienced woman. Cyborg's record in grappling contests is not bad as well. The only thing left for her is to compete in the UFC, but the issue of making weight is all that is left because the UFC does not currently have a women's Featherweight division which is where Cyborg
reigns. The Brazilian is scheduled to fight at a catchweight of 140 pounds soon, and after that fight she aims to take the women's Bantamweight division by storm!

  There is a heated debate about rather Rousey was ducking Cyborg or not by asking for her to come down to 135 instead of the two champions meeting in the middle at a catchweight of 140 pounds, but ever since Rousey received her first L that flame has cooled down. Rousey wanted to defend her belt against Cyborg meanwhile Cyborg just wanted the fight and wasn't chasing for Rowdy's belt. According to Dana White queen of the featherweight division was next on the list if Holm was defeated, but those plans were ruined by an excellent display of footwork and angles that lead to a stunning knockout by Holly Holm. Cyborg references this actually,

"I believe fans still want to watch this fight, but plans have changed. In fact, Ronda avoided this fight because she wanted to be unbeatable, she wanted to remain undefeated. We will see what happens next and how she handles the loss. It a surprise not only for her, but for everyone who was there. My life did not change, though. I will keep on training. Of course I want to fight. After Holly Holm, it was supposed to be me and her, as Dana White said. I don't know what will happen now, but I sure am ready and I will be ready the day this fights comes along. I think it was fight that should have happened already."

  Will this be like Mayweather vs Pacquiao where the fight happens too late? Is this fight inevitable considering the amount of top talent in the women's Featherweight and Bantamweight divisions?


EFC 46 Fight Card: South Africa Ends 2015 With A Bang!

>> Wednesday, November 18, 2015

  Africa's largest promotion the Extreme Fighting Championship(EFC) is aiming to deliver another exciting show on December 12 in Carnival City casino in Brakpan, South Africa. The welterweight belt is on the line with Buirski defending it against an experienced veteran for an opponent, Staden who has roughly three times the amount of experience as the champ. All of the champ's wins come in the first round and that makes him an exciting prospect to keep your eye on! The man that Buirski dethroned, Adam Speechly is looking to blaze a trail back to the title in the co main event against undefeated Chris Bright who is no slouch! The lower part of the card will showcase some of the developing and less experienced talent of Africa which is a very important thing so let's support those fighters as well!
  The timing of the event does not conflict with the timing of the big UFC 194: Aldo vs McGregor Pay Per View. So you can get a full day of MMA to satisfy your MMA fix by tuning in to this event before the PPV begins. The entire event can be watched on their official website.

EFC Welterweight Championship
David Buirski(7-2) vs. Van Staden(22-8)

Lightweight Bout
Adam Speechly(14-5) vs. Chris Bright(5-0)

Welterweight Bout
Henry Fadipe(8-7-1) vs. Dricus du Plessis(6-1)

Women's Flyweight Bout
Jacquiline Trosee(1-0) vs. Amanda Lino(1-1)

Bantamweight Bout
Abdul Hassasn(6-5-1) vs. Oumpie Sebeko(4-2)

Bantamweight Bout
Cedric Doyle(7-3) vs. Gareth Buirski(5-3)

Middleweight Bout
Gordon Roodman(1-2-1) vs. Keron Davies(2-1)

Heavyweight Bout
Elvis Moyo(4-3) vs. Vandam Mbuyi(3-2)-

Featherweight Bout
Pierre Botha(5-3) vs. Barend Nienaber(3-2)

Flyweight Bout
Jasen Van Der Merwe(1-1) vs. Marino Cutendana(4-2)

Light Heavyweight Bout
Chad Honekom(0-0) vs. Jean-Marie Kabeya(0-0)

Middleweight Bout
Patrick Luindula(0-0) vs. Didier Nyembwe(0-2)


Video: Jose Aldo Working With Cuban Olympic Boxing Team

>> Thursday, November 12, 2015

   UFC Featherweight kingpin Jose "Scarface" Aldo is taking things to the next level in his preparation for his rival Conor McGregor who he fights at UFC 194 on December 12. Conor McGregor is considered to be one of the hardest punchers and to have some of the best boxing in the featherweight division. Maybe this an indication that Aldo is planning on boxing with the brash Irishman. 

  Aldo does not have the best boxing in the division, but I would say that he does poses a good jab and boxes well off the counter. I can't wait to see how this fight plays out. Where we have seen Aldo struggle the most are against opponents who primarily box such as Mark Hominick and Frankie Edgar. Neither possess the power or reach that Conor McGregor has however. If this is to be a great fight it needs to remain standing and both warriors need to be on their A Game.


Mayweather: Boxing Wants A Caucasian Superstar

  Boxing legend and master of defense Floyd "Money" Mayweather believes that the men in charge of boxing want to see a white male to be the face of the sport. To Mayweather this is nothing new as he he believes that the men behind the scenes have wanted this for a long time.

“Whoever is forcing Andre Ward to go up to [light] heavyweight, that's not cool at all. They're trying to get him beat. From the looks of things, what's going on in the sport of boxing, they want their superstar to be Caucasian. It's obvious. And this has been going on for a very long time,”

Boxing Legend Jack Johnson
Racism in pugilism is nothing new to be honest, but is it really apart of the sport today? Back in the day in the early 20th century black men were not allowed to fight for the world heavyweight title. There was a "Colored Heavyweight Title" back then, but black men were not allowed to hold the top spot. This all changed when Jack Johnson was allowed to fight for the world heavyweight title on December 26th down under in Sydney, and Johnson was successful. Jack Johnson would go on to defend his belt six successful times. He would go on to lose the belt in a fight that went an amazing 26 rounds which is insane especially by today's standards considering championship boxing matches only go 12 rounds. 
After he won the title many times his Caucasian opponents were promoted as "The Great White Hope". The men in charge back then hated that a black man was on top of the pugilist world. 

  Is this still an issue in the modern world of boxing? Nobody can really say. If it is than the African-American
community can thank Mayweather due to his close ties to many African-American celebrities and boxers. His gym is filled with black boxers he has given the opportunity to train with a legend like him on the The Money Team. Floyd Mayweather is an African-American wh managed to work his way up from nothing to become one of the greatest stars the sport of boxing has ever known, but now he has retired. Manny Pacquiao was the face of the Asian boxing world for sometime, and now he is going to do one more fight before retiring.

Gennady Golovkin
  Some might disagree with Mayweather. Clearly the Mayweather gap is trying to be filled with a new star. We have seen more promotion for Adrien Broner who as everyone knows loves to talk a lot, spend money, post videos of himself ripping 100 dollar bills up like they're nothing, and tries to live a flashy lifestyle with expensive things. One of the biggest bouts being promoted the most is coming up soon between Puerto Rican boxing superstar Miguel Cotto and the young Mexican talent that is Canelo Alvarez. The dominant white champions of today are Wladimir Klitschko and Gennady Golovkin. Klitschko has ruled the heavyweight division for a period of time, but if you want to look at things Deontay Wilder from the USA and Anthony Joshua from England are two black heavyweights that have seen a great increase in promotion. Wilder has a 34-0 record with 33 knockouts and Joshua is 14-0 with 14 knockouts and nobody surviving in the ring long enough to see a fourth round with him. Gennady Golovkin is receiving a great amount of well deserved promotion and was being billed as the next pay per view star leading up to his next fight, but the numbers after the fight only came back at roughly 150,000 buys.

Sage Northcutt 
I am a bi racial individual. My father is an African-American and my mother is Caucasian and I do not pick sides or self identify with a specific side nor do I feel the need to. I personally have had a theory that a Caucasian face is what the UFC wants ultimately for it's biggest star. Georges St. Pierre was that for sometime. Now we have Conor McGregor and more recently Sage Northcutt. Conor McGregor's position as the face of things is well deserved however. McGregor is Irish, well dressed, has the tongue to promote fights, flashy style, and can be a flashy individual. Northcutt is a clean cut athletic 19 year old who speaks well, and is blonde. The exception here is Cain Velasquez who appeals greatly to the Central American community, but more specifically the Mexican community. None of this can be confirmed though, and I am sure this theory of mine could be argued successfully. At times I highly doubt this theory and feel completely different. 
With the way MMA is taking the world by storm I am confident we will see a diverse group of champions in the future especially from African and Asia...


What Does the Return of Jon Jones Mean?

>> Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fun Fact: Most people who start an article never finish them.

  The last time we saw Jon Jones in the cage it was in his fight against Daniel Cormier. Cormier was looking to "Break Bones", but instead Jones broke both him, and his undefeated record. Cormier was hailed as a great wrestler due to both his competing in the Olympics in the past, and how well he applied it in his MMA skill set. In the end Cormier managed to only succeed in 1 of 8 takedown attempts, and Bones managed to get 3 out of his 5 attempts. Then we found out Jones had failed an out of competition test for cocaine, and a then his infamous hit and run incident occurred. That incident forced the UFC to strip him of his belt, and suspend him due to pressure from the public. Recently the suspension of the Light Heavyweight great Jon Jones ended, and it was said that his return to the Octagon was currently being negotiated. With the return of the king on the horizon what is to be expected? What is there left for him?'

The Short Reign of DC Ends
  In my opinion Daniel Cormier defeats everyone in the division except for one man, Jon Jones. Daniel Cormier undefeated record received it's first L at the hands of Jon Jones in what was a highly anticipated grudge match. Jon Jones was stripped of his belt after this defense due to legal issues, and had to pull out if a title defense against Rumble Johnson. Daniel Cormier got his second chance at gold! Cormier succeeded, and won the belt after surviving an onslaught of power strikes Rumble threw at him. Cormier definitely showed the heart of a champ in that fight.
  Let's be honest though. Most of us were already thinking it. DC only won the belt because Jon Jones was not holding the gold. As long as Jon Jones is an active fighter in that division he is not being beat.

His Legacy of Greatness In the Octagon Will Go On
  Jon Jones(21-1) is the man who dethroned the Shogun, brought an end to the Rampage, slayed the Dragon, showed Suga isn't all that sweet anymore, proved he was the real Phenom, shut the mouth of Sonnen, now I won't say he mauled the Mauler, and he's done more. He defended his belt 8 times therefore making him the person to hold the Light Heavyweight belt for the longest ever which is a great feat considering the last 5 champs before him all lost their belts in either their first or second title defenses. That is only two title defenses short of where Anderson's reign ended, and Jones did it against much better competition. He won the belt at 23 years old. Jon "Bones" Jones may not be the greatest human being, but he is one of the greatest of MMA fighters of all time!
  Who can stop him at light heavyweight? If he did not receive a disqualification in the fight against Hamill in which he was dominating in his record would be a perfect 22-0. Heavyweight may very well be a different story if he ever fights there.

Much More to Come
He is in a league with the greats
  It is not often that you see a young man establish himself so well in this sport among to be among the legends. By the age of 28 he already ranks among the greats. Jose Aldo is the first other that comes to mind as Aldo by the age of 29 is the last WEC Featherweight Champion, the first and only UFC Featherweight Champion, his title defenses combined reach a total of 9, and he has a 25-1 record over consistently good competition that he cruised through for the most part. That is the only other to actually compare in the modern age of MMA as we know it although I do see an other coming up. This is an elite group that like I previously still has much more ahead of them, but what?
  Let's look at the options of Jon Jones currently. He has a rematch with Daniel Cormier for the gold, rematch with Bader, and a fight with Rumble. Current two time defending UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman aka the man who stomped the Spider and Jon Jones do want to fight each other to see who the king of New York really is. The fight with Weidman has the credentials to be a superfight in my opinion especially if Jones is the belt holder again when it occurs, and this is a fight that would only happen at light heavyweight. Then there is the inevitable heavyweight division that fans have wanted to see Jones compete in for years. He certainly has the size to be there, he has the interest to do so as well, and he has a tiny bit of bad blood with current Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum. So the possibilities are endless. I don't know what it will be or when, but I feel like his biggest moment is yet to come...


Hendo Wants Jon Jones Next

>> Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dan Henderson is currently schedule to fight Vitor Belfort in what will be their third fight. The two veterans are 1-1 with each other currently. The first fight being won by Hendo back in PRIDE via unanimous decision, and the second fight being won by the Phenom in devastating fashion via first round TKO. Despite having an opponent in front of him the legend is looking towards the future.

"Some fans have been expressing interest in me fighting Anderson Silva. I know he's not the champ right now. That's a fight that people always wanted to see happen again. The fight with Jon Jones never happened. Who knows what he's going to be doing? He's a tough fighter. He was a guy I was ready to fight more than any other. "

  I could see the Anderson Silva rematch happening, and I wouldn't be made about it being set up. At the same time I wouldn't really care for it either though. A fight with Jon Jones would make me upset to see. I thought Jones was going to dominate him the first time they were set to fight a few years back, and I believe he Jones would do even more harm to him if this fight finally happened now. While I do respect the former PRIDE and Strikeforce champion I believe his only chance of beating Bones is landing his devastating right hand, and I don't see Jones ever being in a position for that to land. Jones is coming back, and I suspect it will be at either UFC 200, or at the Madison Square Garden event if things come to fruition in New York. I have this feeling that Jones is going to come back much better as well. Ultimately all we can do though is watch how the pawns are played, and enjoy what comes of it.


Tim Kennedy Rips Reebok Deal

>> Friday, October 23, 2015

  Tim Kennedy has been inactive since he was ripped off in his last fight againt Yoel Romero last year in September when he had rocked Romero near the end of the round, and Romero refused to get off the stool when the break in between rounds had ended. This allowed Romero to recover, and the referee still allowed the fight to continue. Romero at the beginning of the following round came back, hurt Kennedy, and won by TKO. The former Green Beret has always been a vocal fighter who is not afraid to stand up against what he believes is unfair or unjust. Many fighters seem to be afraid to talk out against the current Reebok deal in place that went into effect earlier this year. Let's see how Kennedy feels,

"There's a whole bunch of fights that would give me motivation to come back. I'm still training 2-3 times a day, so it's not like I'm done, but for me to come back in, especially with the Reebok deal, it's a big big problem financially," Kennedy said earlier today in an interview with the Three Amigos Podcast. "I lose $100,000-$200,000 a fight because of that, so the incentive has to be significant. We're prizefighters. We fight for money, and they just took a big chunk of the reason why I fight out, which means that the incentive has to be somewhere else, which is me doing something significant; fighting somebody amazing like Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort, or Nick Diaz, otherwise what's the point?"

  I agree with him 100% on the Reebok deal though. I don't support it one bit. If Tim Kennedy came back right now I'd want to see him put up against Mousasi since both are coming off losses. 


Dustin Porier Turned Down Replacement for Duffy

  Dustin "Diamond" Poirier was scheduled to fight this weekend against the last man to defeat Conor McGregor, Joseph Duffy in Dublin. This was a highly anticipated bout for the lightweight division, but unfortunately it was announced that the bout was cancelled due to Duffy suffering a concussion in training last week, and as a result the the doctors deemed him unfit to the fight due to how close the concussion was to the fight. The Diamond was actually offered a replacement, but turned it down as he explains right here in the following quote,

"Duffy's been in my crosshairs. They did offer me Norman Parke. They said, ‘Hey, Norman Parke will fight you.' I was going back and forth ... but they needed a decision right now, so I sat back with my coaches and talked to my coaches. They said if we can get the fight rescheduled, let's just do that. We want the guy we've been preparing for."

Other fighters did step up, and offered to fill in for Duffy's spot against the American Top Team fighter. Poirier claimed he would of turned those down as well if he was aware that they stepped up.

"I didn't know all (those fighters offered to step in), but I'll fight all of those guys - no problem; but let's set it on paper," Poirier said. "This is a business. I'm a professional athlete. This isn't, ‘poke somebody and start a street fight.' I was contracted to fight a guy who I prepared for, and it didn't happen. Now we're not just going to scramble and pick a guy and fight."

  Later he went on to say that Dana White told him that they may be able to reschedule the fight for January. Hopefully this match is able to happen then because the fans seem to be interested. Poirier is doing things differently, changing how he trains, and is hoping to rise to the top at lightweight. Ever since the Diamond was scratched by the Notorious McGregor he has become a changed man. Duffy is the last man to defeat McGregor, and he has looked impressive in his first two Octagon bouts


The New Mark Hunt Will Smash Bigfoot!!!!

>> Thursday, October 22, 2015

  Have you seen the Super Samoan lately? He is looking in much better shape than we have seen before! The Super Samoan stated that he does not want to cut weight again to make heavyweight. Very wise of him to feel that way.

  He is currently scheduled to fight Bigfoot Silva in a rematch on November 15th in Melbourne, Australia. The first fight was a classic that ended in a draw, and a failed drug test for Bigfoot Silva. It was a close contest. Many fans are looking forward to this one, and the Super Samoan seems to be the favorite from what I have viewed on the page.

  Their first encounter came down to cardio in my opinion, and I'm not saying I expect a heavyweight to have good cardio because the truth is very few have a good gas tank. There are exceptions of course like former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez. In the first fight both fighters gassed, they would catch their breath briefly, attack, hurt the opponent, and be too tired to go on seriously. It's been a while since I watched it, but that is what I remember. Nonetheless the back and forth action was great!

  If you have been following Mark Hunt on social media you would see that he has been looking much better lately. He's far from ripped still, but he is noticeably smaller. The K1 veteran is coming into this new fight a healthier man. I believe a lighter Hunt will give Bigfoot Silva many problems. I'm talking huge ones. I predict the noticeably smaller Hunt will be faster, and have a much better gas tank. Speed, and cardio are usually the qualities that set the heavyweights at the top apart from the rest of the pack. Hunt is going to be better in both of those areas, and he is a natural hard hitter with tremendous power. So I am not worried about him losing any power in his strikes. I see him beating Bigfoot to the punch, landing powerful strikes that will rock Bigfoot, and I believe his cardio if this goes to the later rounds will allow him to have a little bit more in him when Bigfoot has none left in the tank. I'm predicting a KO in the first two rounds.

  Bigfoot is not on TRT anymore either. He is going to be weaker, and overall I don't see him being able to stay in nearly as long as he did the first fight. Get ready to see an improved, faster, still powerful Mark Hunt that will last longer. Hell, Hunt even has a hometown advantage being that Australia is so close to New Zealand, and the Aussies always cheer for him. Let's hope something great happens on November 15th.

Click HERE to watch Hunt vs Bigfoot 1


Arnaud Lepont's Post-Fight Nightmare With ONE

>> Wednesday, October 21, 2015

  The care of fighters under the ONE Championship has recently entered the spotlight in a story that is spreading like wildfire across the MMA community. It is the story of the exciting personality and fighter that is the French fighter Arnaud "The Game" Lepont. Lepont is known for his wild entrances, and putting on entertaining fights. In September he had his first fight in a year last month at ONE Championship: Odyssey of Champions against the dangerous striker from the Netherlands Vincent Latoel. It was an exciting hard fought fight, but unfortunately Lepont came up short losing after a punch that dropped him and a few soccer kicks ended it in the second. The worst was yet to come for the French fighter.

  While walking away after the loss he passed out in the tunnel where he hit his face hit the concrete floor. His nose began to bleed profusely. People nearby quickly attended to Lepont, and brought him to a medical area where a doctor could talk to him to determine his current condition, but he wasn't entirely conscious. The doctor on left, and Lepont's corner went on to search for the doctor so that they could get a referral letter to a hospital from him. The only thing that could be found was a letter from the promotion stating that the medical fees would be paid for by them, but no referral letter. The liaison officer would later explain that only the consultation would be cover by ONE Championship.

"had a brief check up by the OneC official doctor who was obviously a little lost with the situation, got a fast check out, then my corner men took decision to bring me to the hospital.”

  Arnaud's team and a liaison officer brought him to a nearby hospital where he could be with a doctor. They managed to speak with a doctor who wanted to do an X-Ray on him. It was now confirmed that his nose was broken. Unfortunately that hospital would not be able to assist him, but the doctor did believe that something had to be done about his broken nose so now he had to be transported to a different hospital. So the fighter and those who accompanied him on the way to this hospital hopped on an ambulance, and journeyed off to the next hospital.

  Now at the second hospital his nose was still bleeding, but they could not get any doctor to come tend to him despite trying to get the attention of the doctors multiple times. At 3am the head of residency came to him, and informed him that a CT Scan could not be done in the morning. Tampons were put in his nose, and his eyebrow was stitched. Then ONE made the call to send the liaison officer home, but Lepont's team asked for the LO stay. So the promotion decided to swap that LO out for another one. The LO then communicated to "The Game's" corner that the doctor was at the hotel, and would arrive sometime during the morning to check up on him.

  Hours later roughly around 9:30am the doctor was nowhere to be seen, and the fighter hailing from France was on a gurney in the public ER waiting room. His team requested around this time for Arnaud to be moved to a private wing of the hospital. Their request was granted, and the move was done two hours later. Once moved to this private ward they were informed that the cost to be roomed there was the equivalent to $80 USD per day, and the fighter was finally attached with an IV. Around an hour and a half later he finally received a CT scan, and the doctor from ONE was still nowhere to be seen. Odd right?
  It was now the next day at 6am when the warrior finally had his nose surgery. The LO had assumed Arnaud was fine due to a post he made on social media, and therefore had went back home out of the country to the city-state Singapore. He basically stated in the post that he was still not clear all of the way, and that he is glad to have the people from his team there to support him through this entire wild endeavour. Later on he did start to feel worse with a severe, and actually began throwing up. The following morning the doctors would grow very concerned with his symptoms. Still the doctor from ONE was nowhere to be found.... Remember that ONE said the doctor was at the hotel, and would arrive in the morning. That seems kind of fishy especially at this point when the fighter is in serious need.

  As I stated previously the following morning the doctors were concerned with his symptoms of nausea, terrible headache, and throwing up. An MRI was done on The Game, and the results were negative. ONE messaged Lepont, and his team that the doctor said he was fine, and by this point released from the hospital. This was false however.... He was still in bad shape, and in the hospital. His team informed ONE after the message that he was still not well, in the hospital, his current status, and that much still needed to be done by the hospital doctors. Still the doctor from ONE was nowhere to be seen over 24 hours later....

  This French warrior, and current Vietnam resident was discharged from the hospital the following day after a structure from his nose had been removed, and his team had met with a representative from ONE who had come from the wealthy city-state of Singapore that is sometimes referred to as the "Lion City". The Game himself never personally got to meet with the representative as the representative came to his room while he was resting.

  Now this an extremely bizarre situation. The whole situation was handled terribly by ONE Championship. A promotion should always keep the fighters as a priority, and put them first. Part of doing such is by making sure that they are paid fairly, and are being taken care of even after the fight is over. It is unacceptable, and extremely unprofessional that this series of unfortunate events occurred. Fortunately a fighter made it through, and has some true friends by his side. They aided him from start to finish, and did absolutely everything that was necessary to ensure his safety. Hopefully in the future a mistake as big as this one will not be repeated with any fighter under their banner.

Lepont still experiences headaches though, and weeks have passed since his release. He has resumed his role as coach for his gym in Vietnam.

Tell us how you feel about the entire situation below in the comment section.

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