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ONE Championship Tigers of Asia Fight Card

>> Thursday, October 01, 2015

  The premier Asian promotion ONE Championship is set to return to the amazing city of Kuala Lumpur. As you can expect from any show done by ONE we are going to see many local fighters on the show. The Malaysians are passionate fans and love support their talent, and ONE is giving them some good talent to cheer on. Here is the stacked fight card,

ONE Championship Middleweight Championship
Igor Svrid vs. Vitaly Bigdash

- Ann Osman vs. Irina Mazepa
- Ev Ting vs. Honorio Banario
- Peter Davis vs. Adrian Pang
- Eric Kelly vs. Hiroshige Tanaka
- Eugene Toquero vs. Riku Shibuya
- Dae Hwan Kim vs. Teng Li Ge
- Gianni Subba vs. Marcos Ratinho
- Saiful Merican vs. Melvin Yeoh
- Ruel Catalan vs. Almiro Barros
- Agilan Thani vs. Hisham Hiba
- Keanu Subba vs. Florian Garrel

 This is a pretty stacked card! Fans of MMA will love this because the match ups guarantee action! Expect to see some fantastic finishes as well.

1. If Ann Osman wins her fight they should put her in a title fight to become the inaugural ONE Championship Female Flyweight Champion. Actually she would be their first female champion. I see a superfight coming within the next year or two between Osman and rising star Angela Lee.

2. Ev Ting vs Honorio Banario is going to be fireworks. This fight stylistically screams action!

3. Davis vs. Pang is an interesting fight. Both guys are skilled and tough as nails. This could be a number one contender bout potentially. Davis is on a four fight win streak, and Pang is on a two fight win streak. If Tynanes does not get title shots for his next fight then they should set up Tynanes vs Ando for a number one contender fight. I believe the Malaysian, and his interesting style has the better shot at dethroning Japanese MMA legend Shinya Aoki from his ONE Championship throne than Pang does.
ONE Championship gold may be in the near future for a few on the card

4. Eric Kelly is back! He was not lying in the interview we did with him when he said that he was going to be back in the cage soon. He has been out of action since last year when he defeated Rob Lisita who pushed him to his limit! Kelly had to reach deep down, and find something within him to win after the punishment he took. Cui and Hume were trying to set up Kelly in a title fight, but Kelly wanted to take time to recover from the punishment he received from Lisita. Then the hiatus came. Now that he is back he wants to go straight to the title, and if he can win spectacularly I am sure he will get the next shot at the ONE Championship Featherweight gold that so many passionate fans believes he truly deserves.


Huerta Reinvents Himself But Falls Short Unfortunately To Ando

>> Monday, September 28, 2015

  Roger Huerta walked to the cage with a big grin on his face. He held on to that grin through the announcements and into the fight. The UFC veteran now ONE Championship fighter started the round looking like a completely different fighter. He was moving well around the cage, switching stances, using good head movement, hands low, landing some good punches, and everything was going well. He in no way based on the style he was showing resembled his former self.  It was as if TJ Dillashaw was doing some MMA voodoo on him or something. He was grinning during the fight even. He had his hands up yelling at his opponent, Koji Ando, at one point and then held his hands to gesture Ando to come at him. El Matador's confidence was high! Everything fell apart in the second round though when Huerta got caught with a punch that had the Tiger Muay Thai coach hurt! Ando began to throw a barrage of quick punches, and many landed. Huerta was struggling to survive, but he pulled through to that final round.

  In the third round he came out in a much more traditional stance with more traditional style footwork, and his hands up. Shortly into the round he switched back. He got tagged again, and did his best to stay away from the punches. He was also doing some awkward things though. At times he would stand in a hands down, sideways stance with his eyes not facing his opponent, but with his head pointed beyond his opponent's side. The two begin to go back and fourth, but Huerta is still trying to survive meanwhile Ando does not seemed to be phased too seriously. Throughout the fight Ando had defended any takedown attempts by Huerta as well. The bell rings, the announcer reads us the decision, and Ando's hand is raised.

  At this point in his career Huerta reinventing himself is a great idea. You need to stay fresh in this game to stay at the top. Huerta was having success, and even though it lead to some pretty bad moments for himself in the fight he should keep this style. He needs to take some time off, heal up, get his head straight, and think about both the things he did wrong and what he could improve on. I am confident that he will return to the cage and triumph. He is a warrior both in and out of the cage. It does suck somewhat to see him lose however because he was very close to a title shot in my eye opinion. He had the momentum. At least he pulled through, and survived to fight another day.

  Respect to Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand and everyone out of the Tiger Muay Thai camp!



ONE Championship: Odyssey of Champions LIVE RESULTS

>> Sunday, September 27, 2015

ONE Championship Interim Featherweight Title Bout
Martin Nguyen(4-1) vs. Marat Gafurov(12-0)
- Marat Gafurov Victory
- Round 1
- Submission(Rear Naked Choke)

Lightweight Bout
Vincent Latoel(16-16) vs. Arnaud Lepont(11-5)
- Vincent Latoel Victory
- Round 2
- TKO(Soccer Kick)

Lightweight Bout
Roger Huerta(22-8-1) vs. Koji Ando(12-4-1)
- Koji Ando Victory
- Unanimous Decision
Middleweight Bout
Leandro Ataides(8-2) vs. Aleksei Butorin(10-0)
- Aleksei Butorin Victory
- Round 2
- KO

Featherweight Bout
Herbert Burns(6-0) vs. Timofey Nastyukhin(9-2)
- Herbert Burns Victory
- Round 1
- Submission(Rear Naked Choke)

Light Heavyweight Bout
Jake Butler(6-1) vs Cristiano Kaminishi(8-3)
- Jake Butler Victory
- Unanimous Decision

Bantamweight Bout
Casey Suire(5-2) vs. Muin Gafurov(8-0)
- Muin Gafurov Victory
- Round 1
- TKO(Spinning Back Kick)

Catchweight Bout
Angela Lee(2-0) vs. Mona Samir(0-1)
- Angela Lee Victory
- Round 1
- Submission(Rear Naked Choke)

Bantamweight Bout
Sotir Kichikunov(13-4) vs. Yusup Saadulaev(14-4-1)
- Yusup Saadulaev Victory
- Round 2
- Arm Triangle

Fight of the Night:
Knockout of the Night:
Submission of the Night:
Best Performance of the Night:
MY Overall Event Rating: /10


Marat Gafurov vs Martin Nguyen for ONE Championship Interim Featherweight Title

Current ONE Championship Featherweight Champion Narantungalag Jadamba, hailing from Mongolia was looking to defend his belt for the first time after destroying Koji Oishi to get the gold last year in August, but that won't be happening. According to reports Jadamba is having visa issues that are preventing him from coming to Jakarta to defend his belt against top contender Marat Gafurov in Jakarta on September 27th like originally planned. Now some fights will be switched around. Martin Ngyuen from Australia who was originally scheduled to fight Bashir Ahmad on that same card will now be moving up to fight Gafurov in a bout that will be for the Interim ONE Championship Featherweight Title.

Ngyuen had this to say,

Still a good card regardless. This will definitely be a challenge for Nguyen in my opinion. He was preparing for a three round fight, and on two days notice steps up to fill in for a 5 round fight. On top of that Gafurov is no slouch either. He is 11-0 in his career, and 2-0 in the promotion with both wins coming by first round submissions over other top fighters in the ONE Championship Featherweight division.

Still a good card, but it is going to suck not seeing Bashir Ahmad fight because he always brings it. Hopefully they can put him on one of the upcoming cards soon. Odyssey of Champions is still a great card nonetheless. I am looking forward to it, and expect me to cover it as it goes down. I will write an article about it as well.


Donald Cerrone: I'll Fight Fedor

On the JRE podcast Rogan discussed with Cerrone about how Fedor will be fighting in Japan, but there is a lack of competition for Fedor. Cerrone then states that he would fight Fedor, and on short notice. Go to 1:58:00 of the video. Cowboy claims that he is being "100%". Rather he is serious  or just kidding that is something I'd watch if it did go down. Cerrone would have the height advantage, but Fedor would hold a big weight advantage and a small reach advantage. Would you tune if this was an openweight bout?


DYNAMITE 1 Criticism & Suggestions

>> Saturday, September 26, 2015

  Now in the article I gave DYNAMITE 1 great praise, and I still feel it definitely deserves the praise. Although at next Dynamite I would like to see a few changes. What I would change has more to do with GLORY though. It has to do with the fighters and set up of the fight card, the ring or cage, and superfights. Do not get confused though I am not trying to talk down on the event at all. I am just trying to discuss things that I feel would make the next show even better next time around. I'm sure they will make adjustments of their own though, and improve on their formula for success.

   The beauty of this was in the mixture of  both MMA and Kickboxing. If you noticed it was less of a GLORY event, almost entirely a Bellator event. A prime example of how this was almost an entirely Bellator card was that the kickboxing bouts did not feature GLORY regulars except for the Light Heavyweight title fight. Paul Daley had never fought for GLORY before, and his opponent was a Bellator fighter just like Daley. Now Daley is no stranger to the kickboxing scene, but he never fought in GLORY before. Bellator basically let them borrow him and Gonzalez. Melendez is signed to Bellator actually, and this was their way of introducing her to the fans in an odd way. I believe this would have attracted so much more attention if it actually featured GLORY regulars. More fans of kickboxing in general especially fans of GLORY that were being targeted would have tuned in to watch then. If Coker can manage to get more of them to tune in the next DYNAMITE event will be an even bigger hit with even bigger numbers!

  Something I believe would be better to do next time would be two one night tournaments. One MMA tournament, and one kickboxing tournament. Then a championship fight for both MMA, and kickboxing. The tournaments should both be for the same weight classes as the title bouts, and each tournament should determine the number one contender. This would be great for the casual fans who tend to watch exclusively watch the UFC. The casuals could then learn about some new fighters by tuning in, throughout the tournament learn more about those fighters by seeing them twice in one night, and those casuals could have some new fighters they may look forward to or want to follow by the end of it. This also would help straighten out any divisions in one night because then we would have a clear layout afterwards of where every guy is at, and who is the best. On top of that by the end of the night we have a clear number one contender, and a champion that likely will have a similar time that they would like to return to the cage.

  The entire event should be done in either the ring or the cage; not both. MMA can be done in the ring, but in my opinion MMA is not for the ring at all. I do not wish to see fighters heads or bodies outside the ropes being struck, getting tangled up in the ropes, or falling through the ropes after a takedown. The fans of kickboxing may not like this one, but the entire event could be in a cage. Afterall caged Muay Thai events are held, and in my opinion the fights aren't bad. I do understand that kickboxing rules bouts, and Muay Thai rules are very different, but to me kickboxing and Muay Thai are better suited to the ring in some ways. They could simply keep all of the kickboxing rules, larger gloves, and only change the ring to a cage. This would be much better for the fans trying to watch both. I do have an issue with this, but it has more to do with styles and how they are affected by the type of ring. I believe that for the next event one type of stage to fight on needs to be decided, and something inside tells me that if they do decide to go with only one it will be the ring. They should look at the DYNAMITE 2010 event that was held by DREAM and K1 for inspiration, and I will post some fight videos from the event that the end of the article that will feature some well known fighters.

  I would love to see a superfight go down on the next one. Rather they could WSOF involved and hold a champion vs champion match between Brooks and Gaethje, McGeary/ Davis winner vs Branch, Pitbull Palmer, or even Minakov vs Ivanov. At DYNAMITE 2009 DREAM Lightweight Champion Shinya Aoki fought Sengoku Champ Mizuto Hirota, and broke his arm by a hammerlock. That adds excitement seeing two champs fight each other. Shinya Aoki even competed in one at Strikeforce: Nashville against Gilbert Melendez. Aoki was the DREAM champion still, and Melendez was the Strikeforce champion. It is a rare thing to see in MMA these days that I would love to see more, but I don't want to see it become a common thing like in boxing. It has been a while, and MMA outside of the UFC needs something like this. Bellator Lightweight Champion Will Brooks wants to fight Aoki, and has stated before that he believes Aoki is ducking him. Now that DREAM is defunct Aoki rules over the ONE Championship Lightweight division, but I do not think ONE would let Aoki take such a big risk unless they felt Aoki was almost guaranteed the win. Superfights only occur after serious negotiation, or when two organizations agree to a partnership in which talent is shared though. I am seriously hoping that something of this nature happens at the next DYNAMITE event.

  Overall I loved the entire event and if they did it the same way next time around I wouldn't be mad, but I would be disappointed to an extent. I am just glad this type of event is being held. It is more for the entertainment than sport, but MMA needs a little bit of that at times. Be glad someone is doing it though, or at least putting in an effort. Now for those fight videos that I promised. This will keep you occupied for a while. The fights are going to go from least recent to most recent.

K1 Rules: Alistair Overeem vs. Badr Hari
MMA Rules: Mark Hunt vs. Melvin Manhoef

MMA Rules: Alistair Overeem vs. Kazuyuki Fujita
MMA Rules: Melvin Manhoef vs. Kazuo Misaki

MMA Rules Bout: Alistair Overeem vs. Todd Duffee

Special Rules Bout: Shinya Aoki vs. Yuichiro Nagamashima

MMA Rules: Fedor Emelianenko vs. Satoshi Ishii

MMA Rules: Melvin Manhoef vs. Dennis Kang

MMA Rules: Will Brooks vs. Satoru Kitaoka
GLORY Rules: Gokhan Saki vs. Raomaru

MMA Rules: Bibiano Fernandes vs. Yoshiro Maeda


Bellator: DYNAMITE 1 Results

>> Sunday, September 20, 2015

  Bellator did a beautiful thing last night. They brought back magic and entertainment truly for combat sports fans. I love this side of combat sports. The fights were spectacular, finishes were amazing, lights were on point, Lenne Hard did a spectacular job as usual, and the entrances were great! The crowd was filled with celebrities. Scott Coker knows how to put on a show. The former head of Strikeforce is a genius. I am hoping that they can do a superfight with another MMA promotion such as WSOF or ONE on one of these events in the future.
  McGeary worked his guard, and transitioned from an armbar to a triangle choke after getting held down by Ortiz. King Mo said he was ready, and took virtually no damage in his awesome performance against Vassel, but the doctor would not clear him. Mo's boxing was on point last night. Mr. Wonderful put on to good performances that earned him two first round wins in which he took NO DAMAGE in. Daley and Gonzalez put on a good show, and Semtex got his hand raised. Cavalari defeated Mwekassa for the second time in what was a pretty good fight, and won the title.
  The big news came before the light heavyweight tournament final. Former PRIDE executive Sakakibara stepped into the cage to announce that he will be holding a New Years Eve event in Japan. Then the BIG news came. Fedor would make his return on the card! Big news The New Years Eve cards have always been a big deal as well as a wonder to watch for true MMA fans. Even better news is that event will be broadcast on Spike television! Do not get this mixed up though. There is a common misconception going around that The Last Emperor has signed with Bellator, but that is not the case. They simply made the announcement last night because the event will be broadcast on Spike, and it would clearly be a smart place to announce it at the big Dynamite show where all of the GLORY and Bellator fans are. Although it is very likely Bellator will have some degree of involvement with the card.

Bellator Light Heavyweight Championship
Liam McGeary vs. Tito Ortiz
- Liam McGeary Victory
- Round 1
- Submission(Inverted Triangle Choke)

Bellator Light Heavyweight Tournament Final

Phil Davis(15-3-1NC) vs. Francis Carmont(24-11)
- Phil Davis Victory
- Round 1
- KO

GLORY Light Heavyweight Championship
Saulo Cavalari(30-3) vs. Zack Mwekassa(13-3)
- Saulo Cavalari Victory
- Majority Decision

Lightweight MMA Bout
Josh Thomson(21-8) vs. Mike Bronzoulis(18-9-1)
- Josh Thomson Victory
- Round 3
- Submission(Arm Triangle)
Welterweight Kickboxing Bout
Paul Daley(21-3) vs. Fernando Gonzalez
- Paul Daley Victory
- Unanimous Decision

Female Bantamweight Kickboxing Bout

Keri Anne-Taylor Melendez vs. Hadley Griffith
- Keri Anne-Taylor Melendez Victory
- Unanimous Decision

Bellator Light Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Final

Emanuel Newton(25-9-1) vs. Phil Davis(14-3-1NC)
- Phil Davis Victory
- Round 1
- Submission(Kimura)

Bellator Light Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Final
Muhammad "King Mo" Lawal(16-4-1NC) vs. Linton Vassell(15-4-1NC)

- Muhammad Lawal Victory

- Unanimous Decision

Fight of the Night: Melendez vs Griffith
Knockout of the Night: Davis vs Carmont
Submission of the Night:Davis vs. Newton
Best Performance of the Night: Phil Davis
MY Overall Event Rating: 8.5/10

This was a great event, and look forward to another event like this next year. MMA needs more things like this. This was a breath of fresh air that brought back excitment.


The Options of Nick Diaz

>> Thursday, September 17, 2015

Former CEO of the now defunct Strikeforce promotion, and current Bellator CEO with Nick Diaz.
  The Stockton slugger Nick Diaz has recently received a 5 year suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission due to a positive test for Marijuana in his fight with Anderson Silva earlier this year. He will be 37 when the suspension is over. Fans of the sport are extremely conflicted on rather he should be suspended or not. Supporters of Diaz say that marijuana is not a performance enhancer, he has a license for it, and that where he lives it is legal so he should not be punished for it. The opposition says Diaz knew the rules, and that this is his third time failing so he deserves it. The former Strikeforce kingpin known for his never ending cardio, high volume and high accuracy striking, slick Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and trash talk is not someone most fans want to see go away. With all eyes on the kid straight outta Stockton everyone is wondering what will he do next?

Diaz submitting Cyborg in his third Strikeforce title defense.
  Metamoris for those of you who are not familiar is a strictly grappling promotion. The bouts consist of one 20 minute round and matches can only be won by submission. If no submission occurs the fight is scored a draw. Nick Diaz can actually still compete in this as it is not going through the NSAC. Sonnen competes here actually despite being under a two year suspension. This would be a great way for Diaz to be an active competitor in combat sports. Metamoris is geared towards competitors like him. The 20 minutes straight duration of the bout benefits someone like him because we all know Diaz will not get tired, but his opponents sure will. Another way the rules are geared towards him is that bouts can only be won with a finish, and his entire style is about getting the finish rather it be by Knockout, TKO, or a submission. Plus he can still get paid. There a plenty of attractive grappling matches out there for him that people would pay to see. The platform that is Metamoris would be great for the former WEC and Strikeforce Welterweight Champion.

The Stockton Slugger landing a body shot on the dangerous Paul Daley.
  Technically the NSAC only holds any real power in Nevada, and over the UFC which obeys it. Now Diaz could easily go overseas, and they honestly could do nothing about it. So if the UFC decides to end his contract because they felt maybe there was no point in keeping him because of his lengthy suspension he could fight over in Asia for a promotion like ONE Championship which allows knees and soccer kicks to a downed opponent, fighters can get in trouble for stalling, and where fights are scored as a whole instead of round by round like PRIDE once did. If you've followed Diaz for any period of time you would know just how much more he believes the PRIDE rules are superior and reflect what true martial arts is compared to the unified rules. This would be a great way for him to still compete in a rule set he would like, plus he would still have a tough opponent over in ONE. The current ONE Championship Welterweight Champion, former four time defending Bellator Welterweight Champion, and Olympic wrestler Ben Askren(14-0-1NC) actually poses a great threat to Diaz stylistically, and they match up well on the mat. That match up would actually be good in Metamoris as well, but either way it is something the fans would love. He would also be a fun addition to the IGF shows too. The trash talk leading up to it would be fun for fans, and draw them in. Asia would be an exciting place to see him return for MMA under the right conditions.

Diaz knocked out knockout artist Zaromskis.
  Many seem to forget that Diaz promoted a showed, under the banner of WAR which is what he called the promotion. If I heard correctly the show was not bad. Diaz seems to know what he wants out of MMA, and knows where he wants it to go. Maybe he could continue to promote shows, and make the moves that he believes are necessary to get MMA in a position of greatness in terms of the fighters being treated properly, putting on great shows, and making it the best for what he would consider real martial arts. Nick Diaz the businessman and promoter full time would definitely be an interesting adventure to see him take on. Plus he could make money doing this, and anyone who knows anything about him knows that he chases the money.

Landing a hard punch on the greatest Mixed Martial Artist ever GSP
  In a recent interview that came right after his trial finished he said he was going to teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. That definitely is not that much money, but I feel like that might be a nice life for Nick. He gets to practice martial arts for a living, teach what he considers true martial arts and martial arts philosophy, and stay out of the spotlight away from the cameras and lights. Whatever he decides to do next I will continue to support Nick 100%. If Nick Diaz is officially done then let's remember him for the success that he did have, the highlights of his career, the fighter he was, and all of the times he spoke the truth.


The Greatest Middleweight UFC Title Fight Is Upon Us

>> Monday, September 14, 2015

  On December 12 in the fight capital of the world Las Vegas these two top middleweights will clash. These two are rivals, and do not like each other one bit. The credentials, skill sets, and age of these two are what make this so great. It will be interesting watching this play out because on paper everything looks great!

  Let's look at the credentials of these two first. Weidman boasts a 13-0 record with wins over Uriah Hall(TKO), Demian Maia(UD), Mark Munoz(KO), two wins over legendary Anderson Silva(One by KO), Machida(UD), and Belfort(TKO). Now let's look at the career of former Strikeforce star and Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold. The AKA talent holds an impressive record of 14-2 that includes wins over Jacare Souza(UD), Keith Jardine(TKO), Tim Kennedy UD, Costas Philippou(TKO, Tim Boetsch(Submission), Michael Bisping(Submission), and Lyoto Machida(Submission). Rockhold's only two losses come in his second professional MMA fight, and in his UFC debut against Belfort who hit him with an amazing wheel kick. Belfort was on a roll then, and losing to Belfort is nothing to be ashamed of afterall if you look at Belfort's only losses since returning to the UFC he has only lost to the best Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, and Weidman himself. Both top middlewights have good credentials relating to their skills on the mat with Weidman's being extremely impressive in the world of wrestling, and Rockhold's being good in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

  We have never seen two Middleweights step into the cage that are so well matched all around in MMA. We've seen men step into the cage who can strike and are good on the mat, but these two are something very different. These two can strike, be diverse with their strikes, clinch, strike in the clinch, take it to the mat, keep it on the feet, keep it on the mat, stand up, pull of various submissions, fight at different ranges, and most importantly mix it all together. I would say Rockhold is the much more well rounded individual. Weidman is definitely not the best boxer in the division, but he makes he does work! Plus you can't really knock the hands of the man who knocked out Anderson. Each man is stronger in different aspects thsn the other in different aspects, and have extremely different styles. This will be an incredibly technical fight, and I feel confident that how this plays out will be spectacular. There has never been such a well rounded match up in the history of the UFC Middleweight division. This cannot be argued because it is simply the truth.

  It is not that often really that we see a champion take on a good young fighter. In fact it is not often that we see a champion take on an elite contender these days which is very sad actually. The higher you go the less young talent you seem to find, and the more old lions from the previous era still remain at the top. This fight is a breath of fresh air really. Two young men right here. Rockhold is 30, and Weidman is 31. Still good ages in MMA, and both still have plenty of fight and time left in them. Rockhold is an elite contender who has ran right through every single opponent after facing a loss in his Octagon debut, and his wins are over good competition as well. All of Rockhold's opponents were good. Weidman is not one to shy away from a challenge, and seems to be enjoying the challenge ahead of him which is a great thing to see from a champion. The timing is right.

[Rockhold will be the third Strikeforce Champion to challenge for a UFC title. He would be the fourth if Overeem had passed his test for the first time he was scheduled to fight Junior Dos Santos]

I am picking Rockhold to win this fight either by a late submission or a decision. Something just tells me that this will not end early despite the win streak Rockhold is on containing all early wins. I see the first round or two being a feeling out process, but after that it will be a heated and suspenseful technical match. I see each guy taking at least two rounds if it goes to the judges. This fight is so close. Such a great fight. I believe this would have more hype if it were not being overshadowed by the monumental December 12 main event Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor. This is not a bad thing though because by being overshadowed these two will have less press, media obligations, and most importantly less pressure on them which is great and will likely make them perform better which is important for such an important fight. This fight is battle between two young and well rounded individuals. The middleweight division is completely different from when Anderson reigned, and this fight solidifies that the 185 pound division is in a new a era. If Weidman wins, then I expect him to rule for a while and this period of time will be known as his era. Great fight up ahead. Enjoy fans!

  Maybe my prediction will come true. Years ago I talked about how Rockhold would one day hold the belt after the reign of Silva ended. Maybe my prediction will be true. I enjoy both fighters. Big fan of Rockhold since his Strikeforce days, but at the same time I love to see a champion hold things down and rule over a division for a period of time and Weidman just might be the guy to do that.


WSOF 23: Gaethje vs. Palomino Fight Card

>> Monday, September 07, 2015

  This appears as if it will be a decent event in my opinion. Gaethje vs Palomino was fun to watch, but the fact that this rematch was set up so soon shows the lack of depth in the WSOF Lightweight division sadly. Meanwhile it was fun to watch near the end of the first round, and everything after that was one sided from Gaethje who finished his opponent Palomino by TKO in the third round. I am watching primarily to see Gaethje defend his belt again, and to see Branch fight. Branch is currently the WSOF Middleweight Champion, but now his eyes are set on holding the light heavyweight belt as well. A two belt champion is always an exciting thing to see, and always good for one's resume. I am cheering for him.

WSOF Lightweight Championship
Justin Gaethje(14-0) vs. Luis Palomino(23-10)
Link to their first fight:

Inaugural WSOF Light Heavyweight Championship

David Branch(16-3) vs. Teddy Holder(9-1)
Link to Branch's most recent fight:

Bantamweight Bout
Timur Valiev(9-1) vs. Tito Jones(11-7)

Catchweight Bout(160 Lbs.)
Ben Fodor(5-1-1) vs. Roberto Yong(2-2)

Lightweight Bout

Brian Foster(22-7) vs. LaRue Burley(6-0)



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