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How Immediate Rematches Are Killing Hype

>> Saturday, August 22, 2015

  Cain Velasquez is receiving an immediate rematch against Fabricio Werdum who tapped him out in Mexico City to win the belt earlier this summer. I have an issue with this increasingly common occurrence of immediate rematches. It is not good for the sport in the long run for the business, sport, or the fighters. To me it is okay under certain circumstances. It kills the ability to hype a fight, the development of fighters, and the ability for a fighter to regain their confidence. I will also discuss a few rematches that will be interesting in the future if they are made.

  It kills the hype that a rematch should have. This is both a sport, and a business. So they make the immediate rematches to cash in while interest in the previous fight is still somewhat fresh in our heads. Yes the fights are still fresh in our heads, but often times unless it was a war us the fans simply are not that interest or hyped up. Remember when Cain lost to Junior Dos Santos, and then was set to fight Antonio Silva before getting the title shot and then he demolished the Brazilian giant? That got so many people interested in a rematch because we got to see him work his way back up, which in a way is not too hard in a rather thin UFC heavyweight division, but based on that performance alone we knew Cain was hungry. Going into this rematch with Werdum most of us have the image in our heads of Cain losing, unlike in the after the fight with Silva where we had the image in our heads of Cain the destroyer coming back for the crown against who at the time was the only man to defeat him. Meanwhile Dos Santos, also known as Cigano had put on a beautiful performance against Frank Mir that earned him a round two TKO. The champion was proving himself as well, and then the rematch was announced! Cain came back and destroyed Cigano. The fight sold pretty good as well, but this all would not have been possible with an immediate rematch that would built no hype. The time in between fights is needed to build that momentum needed to sell a fight properly.

  It is important to see fighters develop. A rematch is generally a great place to display the growth of two fighters no matter if their first encounter was a closely contested one or a one sided brutal affair. It also is a great place to show if a fighter can make adjustments. Georges St. Pierre vs Josh Koscheck the rematch was a great showcase of this. In this fight we saw that GSP was clearly a entirely different and improved fighter meanwhile Koscheck was still the good wrestler with a powerful overhand right. GSP was still just as dominant with the takedown, but in this fight we saw GSP unveil a new tool that he had developed, the jab. Now everyone can jab, but GSP showed that he worked on it and that he could jab in various ways and could land it 1000 times if he wanted to and Koscheck could do nothing about it. The Octagon legend from Tristar showed just what innovation can do, but this would not have been displayed nearly as clear if a rematch was not set years apart. GSP could have did this on anyone else, but against someone he previously fought it showed just how far he had come. Lookout for Johnson vs Dodson on September 5th. The first fight was close in the eyes of some, and the champ showed that he can adapt in that fight, but it has been two years since then, and neither guy is the same. In 15 days we get to find out just how much better they have become in every area.

  Right here I am going to mix the last two points up as I discuss the legendary rematch between the featherweight king Jose Aldo and the powerful Chad Mendes. In their first fight Mendes was just a wrestler and did not offer much else to pose a threat to anyone. Aldo then was an extremely well rounded and calculating killer. Aldo still is that, but better. This fight had the hype and showed the development of both, but it especially showcased the development of Mendes. In the first fight Mendes only chance at victory was getting the takedown, and holding Aldo down. He failed to do just that. Aldo didn't do much, but already in that one round you saw Aldo was the superior striker and ended it with a vicious knee strike. After this Mendes began working with Duane "Bang" Ludwig who brought Mendes to a different level with his striking. We began seeing the former Division 1 wrestler knocking out fighters left and right. At this point he built up a five fight win streak that consisted of four straight KO/TKOs and one decision victory. His striking was not the only thing that had improved; his fan base did as well. Those brutal finishes were catching the attention of many thus the hype begins. In the meantime Aldo defended his belt three times, and he showed some new stuff, but I honestly believe Aldo likes to keep a lot about him secret and that there is a lot that we have not seen about him yet(I can discuss that in another article though). The rematch went down! Those who witnessed this knew that what they were watching was a classic. We saw Mendes rise to the occasion, and prove that he can in fact strike with the elite of the division. Meanwhile Aldo uncharacteristically decide to trade with Mendes. The pride of Nova Uniao usually likes to avoid damage and be technical with his striking, but here he decided to show a few new things. He can take the power shots from arguably the hardest hitter in the division, he is not afraid to take one to deliver one, and that he can indeed go toe to toe. A lot of hype was surrounding this fight with the trash talk, knockouts by Mendes improved striking, and the continued dominance of Aldo. Then when it finally went down the Brazilian successfully defended the belt, but both put on great performances that taught us a lot about each fighter especially the heart of both.

  A loss can be a brutal on the mind of a fighter. Sometimes the most successful guys after a loss lose the confidence they once had. Confidence and the ability to believe in yourself is what is needed for many athletes to succeed, although some find ways to use fear to their advantage. A loss brings up questions in the fighters mind and doubt begins to enter which can be detrimental to ones performance. I believe this was the case for fighters like Melvin Guillard. He felt confident enough in the cage to let his hands fly, throw what he wanted, throw as hard as he wanted etc, but after the loss to Lauzon which ended his run that go him so close to the title he has become extremely inconsistent with wins, losses, performances, and even making weight. I believe when he lost that fight the confidence he had the allowed him to get so close to grabbing gold went away. I can say the same about King Mo. In Bellator King Mo looked like a completely different fighter. He was never known for his striking before, but in his first fight for the promotion he showed great improvement in his boxing. Then he fought Emmanuel Netwon who caught Mo with a spinning back fist that resulted in a knockout. After that the former Strikeforce Champ King Mo seemed much more hesitant to do the new things he had been displaying with his boxing. It is one thing to get knocked out, but to be knocked out with an odd strike like a spinning back fist is another thing. I believe that also did some damage to his confidence, but King Mo seems to slowly be gaining that back which is a good thing. Imagine how Cain, who is extremely confident in his wrestling, feels after shooting for a takedown and getting tapped out soon after by Werdum. Who knows how hurt Cain is by this. Maybe it motivated him and he sees that he needs to improve, but it could also have hurt his mental state and maybe he needs to get a win or two before he is mentally prepared to take on Fabricio Werdum. I do not want to see a possibly weak minded and unconfident Cain step into the cage against the man who just beat him, plus a couple impressive wins would get that hype train rolling again so that fans could get a fresh image of Cain the destroyer in their heads.

Try to imagine what Cain Velasquez is feeling in this image
Now this was a long article. Probably my longest to date. Comment below and tell us what you think about immediate rematches. When are they right? I will be discuss a few rematches that would be interesting to see in the near future.

Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar 2
I already believe Edgar deserves a rematch, and I do believe that you could argue he beat Aldo the first time. Edgar has shown much improvement since the first fight. He does not take nearly as much damage as he used to either which I believe will play a big role here as well. I don't see Aldo being able to do as much to him. A new thing Edgar has shown is that instead of waiting to turn things up in the later rounds, which usually allowed his opponents to steal two or three rounds, he now likes to go right at it. If he could do that to Aldo then he tire out the champ sooner, and potentially get that gold.
Conor McGregor vs Max Holloway 2
This fight shall be soon upon us I believe. I see either Holloway getting a title shot if he beats Charles Olivera in a few days and wins another fight after. Conor tore his ACL during the fight, and it was the only fight so far in the UFC that Conor has not finished. It was an alright fight for both guys, but now I see this fight being completely different. I see the fight this time around involving no takedowns or grappling. I see it being a strictly kickboxing match. Soon though... soon.
Benson Henderson vs Anthony Pettis 3
I am seriously that convinced Benson can beat Pettis. He has made some nice adjustments and added a few new things to his striking, and I believe he can get the job done. Sadly, I do not believe we will ever see a third fight.
Demetrious Johnson vs Kyoji Horiguchi 2
I still believe that Horiguchi still has the greatest chance of anyone to defeat the pound for pound king Demetrious Johnson no matter how one sided the fight was. I see so much that Horiguchi could take advantage of on the feet. The Japanese MMA star seemed a little hesitant to do the things he usually does in my opinion. Don't get me wrong though I believe it would be a hard fight for Horiguchi even if he did do the things I thought he should have been doing. They are all really tiny things, but I feel they would have a big effect on the champ. Nobody in the division is a better grappler than Mighty Mouse, and he dominated Horiguchi largely on the mat. Horiguchi in a recent interview said the he is really focusing on his grappling now, and aims to pick up more submission wins. Improving his ability to defend takedowns, which was never bad, and grappling defense will be key to success in a rematch. Although Johnson always comes back much more dominant in rematches and has the great ability to adapt mid-fight.


Jacare Souza Open To Fighting at 185 Or 205 Next

>> Monday, August 10, 2015

Jacare Souza is so close to a title shot! He always has been, but someone always manages to cut right in front of him in line every time he is close to the end of it. Right now in his current situation he just needs one more convincing win, but it has to be over a top fighter in the middleweight division. The only available top guys that he could take out are Yoel Romero and Vitor Belfort even coming off a loss has hype around him still as an elite. Machida is still one of the elite, but after Yoel dominated him 1. Why not go after the guy who just beat Machida, Romero 2. A lot of the hype surrounding Machida seriously died down after Yoel finished him in round one. Jacare wants Romero next however,

"There’s no other opponent that makes sense except for Romero, so that’s a fight that might happen. I'm just waiting for the UFC to announce it. People always ask me who’s going to be my next opponent, and I believe it’s Romero, but I’m waiting for the announcement."
The Brazilian will fight anyone given to him next though. No matter if it is at his weight class or the one above. Like a true warrior!

"I will always be ready to become the champion, I work for the UFC, and some fighters like to do the matchmaker’s job. I’m a fighter. If the UFC sets a date with any opponent at 185 or 205 pounds, I will be ready to become the champion."
The talented Jiu Jitsu expert is not taking his eyes off Romero though. He really wants to take him out,

"I think he got the No. 1 spot with the way he defeated Lyoto. He did a wonderful job against Lyoto, it was impressive, but Romero did the same thing because Lyoto is not in a good stage right now," he said. "Unfortunately, he’s not doing well recently, and that’s why Rockhold and Romero did what they did. And when I get Romero, I will prove that."

The current number one contender that is set to take on the Middleweight kingpin Chris Weidman is Luke Rockhold who happens to be the same man to defeat Jacare and dethrone him in Strikeforce back in 2011. Jacare is doing good, but remember guys he is 35. Generally for a fighter 35 years old is when you're likely to be considered old. Most guys begin to seriously decline around this point or a little bit later. So for Jacare it is now or never.


Interview With ONE FC Superstar Eric Kelly

  Eric Kelly is one the best talents to ever come out of the Philippines and a superstar in the biggest Asian MMA promotion ONE Championship. He began his career by building up a 9-0 record with wins over other good talents such as Jens Pulver, Bae Young Kwon, and Mitch Chilson. There was a great amount of hype surrounding him.

  Then he finally got the title fight he finally got the ONE Championship against fellow Filipino Honorio Banario. Eric Kelly suffered his first defeat by way of TKO in the last round. He fought the previous month in a fight that truly was a war that he came out on top despite suffering an injury. So he went into his title fight with an injury and lost as a result.

  He is currently enjoying an 11-1 record and a two fight win streak with both wins coming by way of submission. ONE Championship froze his contract for certain reasons which has lead to him being inactive for some time. Let's see what this Filipino MMA icon has been up to!

MMA Repz: Why have you been out of the cage for so long?
Eric Kelly: "I've been out out of the cage for a long time because I have injuries and I don't want to fight again with injuries and I'm not 100 percent prepared."

MMA Repz: Do you expect to be be back in the cage anytime soon?
Eric Kelly: "A goal of MMA fighter is to go on top to fight for the belt or to fight the top level fighters that next in line for a title. I think I deserve a title shot to the MMA promotion that I'm with now."

MMA Repz: When you do comeback is there any fight that you want specifically like a title fight, rematch with Banario, or someone else?
Eric Kelly: "A goal of a MMA fighter is to go on top to fight for the belt or to fight the top level fighters that are next in line for a title. I think I deserve a title shot to the MMA promotion that I'm with now."

MMA Repz: Why do you fight?
Eric Kelly: "I fight because this is my life,and I am doing my best to achieve my goal to represent my country to the top MMA organisation of the world."

MMA Repz: Who is your favorite fighter to watch?
Eric Kelly: "Before I was always excited to watch Jose Aldo fights, but when Conor McGregor showed the world that he's one of the best I am getting to like the way he fights. but I don't like the way Conor McGregor talked to his opponent, and I like Aldo's attitude more."

MMA Repz: When you're not training what do you do for fun?
Eric Kelly: "When I am not training I want to play any kind of sports like motor racing and ball games."

MMA Repz: What do you think about the current state of MMA in the Philippines?
Eric Kelly: "I think the current state of MMA now in my country is getting hotter, like MMA promoters increasing in numbers, same with MMA fighters."

MMA Repz: Do you ever see yourself competing in the USA in promotions such as Bellator, World Series of Fighting, or even in the UFC? Is that something you want to do?
Eric Kelly: "I am getting old. I've been to MMA fights here in Asia, and trying to reach my goal. Yes, it is my dream to represent my country and to fight in states promotions."

MMA Repz: Could you see yourself defeating the champions in promotions like Bellator, World Series of Fighting, or the UFC?
Eric Kelly: "If I fight in the states promotions at the time I see myself I can defeat champions in the big promotions."

MMA Repz: What do you think of performance enhancing drugs and drug testing in MMA?
Eric Kelly: "For me If I fight, I want to be natural no drugs involved ,because this is how I challenge myself to fight natural and be proud of my self."

MMA Repz: Is there anything you would like to say to all of the fans out there before the interview is up?
Eric Kelly: "Thank you for the time. I wanna thank my family, friends, bosses, sponsors for always supporting me, and thanks to all MMA fans always cheering to all MMA fighters and making MMA the number 1 sport in the world."

Check out Eric Kelly's fights from the past and any ones that he will have in the future as well! We all wish you the best of luck here at MMA Repz!


Dustin Poirier Says Recent Success Due To Toning Down Sparring Sessions

A loss can make anybody better. For some it is absolutely necessary that they lose at some point to force them to think about in what ways they can be better or what flaw do they have that was exploited in the bout that they lost that they can build up. Most champions are not even perfect no matter how much we'd love to believe so. The ferocious striker and current UFC Champion Robbie Lawler is a perfect example with a 26-10 record.
  Dustin "Diamond" Poirier has learned from his most recent loss that has come from the now current UFC Interim Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor. When McGregor scratched the "Diamond" it forced Poirier to go back and think about what he needs to change. He is currently enjoying a two fight win streak where both wins are in the first round. He believes his recent success is due to toning down what he does in the gym especially sparring as he explains here,

"Yes, I have, after the Conor fight. You know, I’ve come from pretty tough and rugged MMA gyms 
back in Louisiana when I started, so that was kind of taught to us at the beginning – that the harder you train, the harder you’ll fight. It’s just what we thought was right. And that’s not true. You’ve only got one brain and you’ve got to protect it. I’ve been doing this for awhile and I’ve got a lot of years left, and I’ve really got to protect it. That’s what I’m doing now. Don’t shy away from buying the expensive headgear and stuff like that and good equipment. And I’m not out there banging with these guys trying to show them who’s a real fighter. Before that’s what we used to do -- who’s tougher, let’s go. But that doesn’t go on your record man. 

"So now I look at it as training sessions to get better. I’m not sparring unless I have a fight coming up, and even right now I’m not sparring. I won’t start sparring for another three or four weeks. That comes along with growing in the fight game. I understand now that I don’t have to do that to be a better fighter. Taking days off is okay. I used to be crazy. I used to be a little bit mental and over-train and over think things, but now I’m finding the right way to do it."

Porier has upcoming fight in Dublin, Ireland on October 24th against the last man to defeat Conor McGregor, Joseph Duffy. The Irishman that he will step into the Octagon this time is currently enjoying a very successful start to his career in the UFC by also winning two fights in a row that are both first round finishes. This should be an exciting one! The winner of this fight will likely get a very good opponent next. 


Fedor: "Women shouldn't compete in UFC/MMA"

>> Saturday, August 08, 2015

The man known as "The Last Emperor" has never really like combat sports for women. He believes that it should not exist. This isn't anything new as he expressed this same view years ago, but with Fedor returning to the sport of course he is going to make his way back into the headlines where he will be sharing his views. With WMMA at an all time high with Rousey leading the way of course he is going to have something to say.

"Women shouldn't compete in UFC/MMA because this sport is for men. There are a lot of sports where women look like women - like gymnastics, water sports, maybe some athletics. MMA is for men. It's a man's sport."

Then the Fedor brought his daughter into the conversation.

"Mary was engaged in many sports, but now leads a healthy lifestyle and engages in fitness, stretching, cycling, but study takes her a long time, so the sport is just for her health. Vasilisa is engaged in gymnastics."

In my opinion martial arts is for everyone regardless of the individual's gender. Fighting is something that is in all of our DNA. Combat is something that nearly every living thing on Earth experiences. I do not see why women should be excluded. Females are capable of being just as skilled as men. Women tend to naturally more flexible which helps a lot in fighting rather you're standing up throwing kicks or rolling on the mats. Fighting is just who we are. It is a huge part of our identity no matter how much modern society tries to shun it and censor it. Society seems to be losing much of it's toughness, but no matter what fighting will always remain. The desire for combat is eternal.


ONE Championship Announces Six Events!

>> Thursday, July 16, 2015

Today Asia's largest mixed martial arts promotion made a huge announcement! They are delivering the fans six large events before the year is up! Here they are,

ONE Championship: Dynasty of Champions
Date: September 1, 2015
Location: Shanghai China

ONE Championship: Odyssey of Champions
Date: September 27, 2015
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

ONE Championship: Tiger of Asia
Date: October 9, 2015
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

ONE Championship: Battle at the Gates
Date: November 7, 2015
Location: Macau, China

ONE Championship: Pride of Lions
Date: November 13, 2015
Location: Singapore

ONE Championship: Spirit of Champions
Date: December 11, 2015
Location: Manila, Philippines

Hope the promotion gets their stuff together in what has been a somewhat lackluster year for them and ends the rest of the year with a bang! The promotion delivers exciting events always, but the cards have not been their best as of late.

I'm going to just throw my opinion in here for a second. I understand they are trying to develop the Asian talent and find people to tune in and watch. The undercard and much smaller local shows should be reserved for that though. The main card should be filled with their biggest stars and two championship fights every card. This way fans who tune into watch the promotion will be exposed to a new crop of young and developing talent that Asia has to offer before watching the main card stars that they came to watch.


UFC 188 Results

>> Sunday, June 14, 2015

After two title defenses and roughly a year and a half away from the cage Cain Velasquez has been dethroned after submitting to the Brazilian Fabricio Werdum. The fight was a violent battle where at first it seemed as if Vai Cavalo could do nothing to hurt Cain, but in the second round he changed anyone who felt that way's view. In the co-main event the former Strikeforce Lightweight Champ Gilbert Melendez and former Bellator Lightweight Champ Eddie Alvarez settled their five year grudge and fought for the the title of the true underground king. In the end Alvarez came out on top after using his movement, and oddly enough outwrestling Melendez in both the second and third rounds. Good event overall.

UFC Heavyweight Championship
Cain Velasquez(13-2) vs. Fabricio Werdum(20-5-1)
- Fabricio Werdum Victory
- Round 3
- Submission(Guillotine)
Summary: The first round was all Cain. He outstruck Werdum, held him against the cage, and for their brief encounter on the mat Cain was winning. The second round these two traded, but Werdum was the one who had Cain rocked and in trouble. He even came close to knocking out or TKOing Cain. The top dog at AKA was battling a cut on his eyebrow since the first round, and the doctor looked like he wanted to stop the fight before the third round began but they let the heavyweight clash go on. In the third round Cain shot in for the takedown, and on the way down Werdum slapped on the guillotine. The choke was on tight and without putting in any effort to get out the hero of the Mexican people tapped.
Fight Rating: 9/10

Lightweight Bout
Gilbert Melendez(22-5) vs. Eddie Alvarez(26-4)
- Eddie Alvarez Victory
- Split Decision
Summary: A majority of the fight was a feeling out process where both guys fought cautiously. By the end of the first Alvarez left eye was swollen shut and his nose broken. Oddly enough Alvarez was the only one attempting to wrestle and Melendez was the one who wanted to only box. The end of the second round and entire third round was all about Alvarez trying to outwrestle Melendez.
Fight Rating: 7/10

Middleweight Bout
Kevin Gastelum(11-1) vs. Nate Marquart(36-15-2)
- Kevin Gastelum Victory
- Round 2
- TKO(Corner Stoppage)
Fight Rating: 7/10

Featherweight Bout
Yair Rodriguez(5-1) vs. Charles Rosa(10-2)
- Yair Rodriguez Victory
- Unanimous Decision
Fight Rating: 7.5/10

Female Strawweight Bout
Tecia Torres(6-0) vs. Angela Hill(2-1)
- Tecia Torres Victory
- Unanimous Decision

Flyweight Bout
Chico Camus(14-6-1NC) vs. Henry Cejudo(9-0)
- Henry Cejudo Victory
- Unanimous Decision

Lightweight Bout
Efrain Escudaro(22-10) vs. Drew Dober(16-6-1NC)
- Drew Dober Victory
- Round 1
- Submission

Bantamweight Bout
Alejandro Perez vs. Patrick Williams
- Patrick Williams Victory
- Round 1
- Submission

Lightweight Bout
Francisco Trevino vs. Johnny Case
- Johnny Case Victory
- Unanimous Decision

Fight of the Night: Werdum vs Velasquez
Knockout of the Night:
Submission of the Night: Fabricio Werdum against Cain Velasquez
Best Performance of the Night: Kevin Gastelum
MY Overall Event Rating: 8/10


UFN: Condit vs Alves LIVE Results

>> Sunday, May 31, 2015

Welterweight Bout
Carlos Condit(30-8) vs. Thiago Alves(26-10)
- Carlos Condit Victory
- Round 2
- TKO(Doctor Stoppage)

Lightweight Bout
Nik Lentz(27-7-2-1NC) vs. Charles Oliveria(20-4-1NC)
- Charles Oliveria Victory
- Round 3
- Submission(Guillotine)

Welterweight Bout
KJ Noons(12-7-1NC) vs. Alex Oliveria(11-2-1-1NC)
- Alex Oliveria Victory
- Round 1
- Submission(Rear Naked Choke)

Light Heavyweight Bout
Francimar Barroso(17-4) vs. Ryan Jimmo(19-5)
- Francimar Barroso Victory
- Unanimous Decision

Lightweight Bout
Francisco Trinaldo(17-4) vs. Norman Parke(20-4)
- Francisco Trinaldo Victory
-Split Decision

Welterweight Bout
Wendell Oliveria(24-9) vs. Darren Till(13-0)
- Darren Till Victory
- Round 2
- KO

Featherweight Bout
Rony Jason(15-5) vs. Damon Jackson(9-1)
- Rony Jason Victory
- Round 1
- Submission(Triangle Choke)

Flyweight Bout
Jussier Formiga(18-3) vs. Wilson Reis(19-6)
-Jussier Formiga Victory
- Unanimous Decision

Welterweight Bout
Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos(14-5) vs. Nicolas Dalby(14-0)
- Nicolas Dalby Victory
- Split Decision

Featherweight Bout
Lucas Martins(15-3) vs. Mirsad Bektic(10-0)
- Mirsad Bektic Victory
-  Round 2

Fight of the Night: Condit vs Alves
Knockout of the Night: Hill vs. Oliveria
Submission of the Night: Oliveria vs Lentz
Best Performance of the Night: Fransico Trinaldo
MY Overall Event Rating: 7/10 The main and co main events really saved me from giving this a lower rating


Jacare: "There's no doubt I'm next."

>> Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The former Strikeforce Middleweight champion believes that he rightfully deserves a shot at Chris Weidman's middleweight belt. Many agree with him. After all since debuting in the UFC back in 2013 he has went 5-0 in the promotion; finish four of those five, however he is currently riding on an 8 fight win streak. His current streak includes wins over a few good opponents. The issue here is the man who dethroned him in Strikeforce, Luke Rockhold, is also close to a title shot. I will go into my thoughts on who deserves it more later.

In a recent interview Jacare showed respect for the current Middleweight champion's grappling, "My styles matches his. I have seen him fight at ADCC, he is really good on the ground. Not to mention he is a Renzo Gracie blackbelt, so he is not anybody.  Many people say he didn't convince yet, but yes he did. I'm here to take the belt of this great champion who is Chris Weidman. Anyone can fight me on the ground, but sooner or later, they'll pay for it."

"There's no doubt I'm next. I'm very confident, no matter what my ranking number is.  I'm undefeated in the UFC, it has been five straight wins so far. The man ahead of me has already been knocked out and that counts a lot."

  Rockhold hands down deserves the next title shot. Look at who Rockhold has beat on his current win streak. Rockhold has defeated Philippou, Boetsch, Bisping, and Machida. He did not just beat all of those guys, but he also finished them all in no later than the second round, and most importantly they were one sided fights. Those four wins are much better than any from Jacare's current win streak. Jacare's current UFC win streak's two best names are Okami and Mousasi. Jacare is an excellent fighter, has improved his boxing a lot, and I believe he would be an interesting match up for Weidman, but I do not think he deserves it. This is coming from me, and I have been a huge fan of Jacare's since his Strikeforce days.


Dana White: Cerrone next for title shot

"'Cowboy' looked insanely good. He kept his composure, put together combinations to the legs and head. He looked unbelievable. I will give you this, yes, Cowboy Cerrone is next in line for a title shot."

Dana declared to ESPN that Cowboy will finally get the title shot many fans have wanted to see him get. He is riding an 8 fight win streak and has been fighting every few months or so. Those 8 wins all came in the last two years.

This championship fight will actually be a rematch of three round bout Cerrone had with Rafael Dos Anjos back in 2013 that Cowboy lost by a unanimous decision. I believe this match will be different than their first encounter. Will Cerrone pace himself differently for this five round fight? Afterall the last time he competed in a five round fight was five years ago against Benson Henderson. What approach will he take to ensure that he gets his hand raised against Dos Anjos in the rematch? This will certainly be an interesting fight.

If Cowboy can win the belt, and defend it as often as he currently does then he will break records for the most consecutive title defenses in no time or he may get a record for the most title defenses in the shortest amount of time. On a final note congratulations to Cowboy, but I am picking Dos Anjos.



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