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Georges St-Pierre: I Am A Free Agent

>> Tuesday, October 18, 2016

  Canadian athlete superstar and arguably the greatest Mixed Martial Artist of all time Georges St-Pierre just announced earlier today on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani that his lawyer managed to get his contract with the UFC terminated. He debuted in the promotion 12 years ago, and has only fought outside of the promotion one time since. The Octagon legend and TriStar standout has been out of action since late 2013 where he won a controversial decision over Johny Hendricks. There has been talk of him coming back to fight against Robbie Lawler, Tyron Woodley, Michael Bisping, and even Anderson Silva. Now it looks like none of that will happen after he said today,

"Right now, I'm a free agent. You hear it right, I'm a free agent. My lawyer terminated the contract with the UFC."

  Now the former champion does still have options. There are some interesting fights in the bigger promotions outside of the UFC. Let's explore these options...

  First one is Bellator! Bellator has been seeking to pick up any higher level fighters or popular figures from the UFC. Their best signings from the promotion have been Phil Davis, Benson
Andrey Koreshkov
Henderson, and most recently Rory MacDonald who were all near the top of their divisions at the point of signing. Bellator is a promotion that can afford him, but it will cost them a lot of money. On top of that he will be able to represent his sponsor Under Armour inside of their cage. Plus the promotion holds their events on free television which would be a plus in a sense. Giving many the opportunity to tune in to the legend at no cost!
  Now he does have a few options for top guys that he can fight there. These options are current champion Andrey Koreshkov, Douglas Lima, Paul Daley, and Benson Henderson who did indirectly ask for a fight with him after defeating Jorge Masvidal in what was his final Octagon appearance. He likely would not fight fellow teammate Rory MacDonald who is still awaiting for his Bellator debut to be announced. GSP could possibly pursue a fight at Middleweight, and so could Rory to be honest as both have recently expressed an interest taking their next fights at 185 pounds possibly. At 185 the talent in Bellator is scarce, but they do have a few dangerous fighters there though. Dangerous for Georges though? If does fight again, and outside of the UFC this is the most likely promotion that it will occur under.

Ben Askren
  There is ONE Championship, but they have a few issues. "ONE" is that they are losing a lot of money despite how big they claim that they are getting according to some sources. Two is that they can barely afford to pay their top guys to fight more than once a year. Ever notice that from the fighters that they pay the most? Most fighters in the promotion make roughly $1000to fight. Then their current Welterweight Champion and former Bellator tournament winner and Champion Ben Askren is their highest paid at $50,000 to fight with a win bonus equal to that for a total of $100,000, and then he has his sponsors. Then on top of that Asken gets paid by Evolve MMA to be an athlete under them, but in reality he only does the last two-three weeks of his camp there, and that is really about it beside the occasional seminar that he may conduct there. That is actually the truth for a few of the athletes who supposedly "train" at Evolve. Back on topic though the only good fight for him there is Ben Askren who I believe can only challenge GSP in the grappling aspect, but in the striking I see it being a clear win for the Montreal native. Askren has gone on record before though to say he did want to 'beat up' St-Pierre. They could possibly put him in there with Luis "Sapo" Santos who is a dangerous man himself. That's about it for close to elite fighters at 170 pounds for them. Between the incredible lack of depth and likely inability to afford him it doesn't seem too likely that we will see Georges in ONE on a Singapore fight card.

  World Series of Fighting may have some of the better talent as far as welterweights go outside of the UFC. They have two men who GSP has defeated in the past Jon Fitch and Jake Shields. There is Rousimar Palhares who has been suspended due to his unsportsmanlike conduct inside of the cage, but has fought this by taking fights outside of the promotion against his contract with with the promotion. To the delight of many fans Palhares has 0-2 since his suspension with both losses coming via first round KO within the first minute and half or shorter into the fights. Fitch and Shields are probably not very appealing matchups that fans would be too interested in watching again. As stated before St-Pierre could possibly seek a middleweight fight, and who better than two weight champion David Branch who is a solid talent. I am unsure of their ability to afford him however, but I am not confident in it.

  If I were Georges I would go around signing big money-one fight deals and go to each promotion to take on the champion of each to add some more value towards my resume. Take a fight or two at middleweight as well, and retire. Definitely interesting to see where this entire thing leads to. Georges on the phone with Helwani sounded very unsure of his future. He wanted to fight, but did admit that the idea isn't as appealing anymore with the whole situation. Give him time to settle down and explore his options. I see Georges attempting to stay away from media for a bit until he can give us solid information. Even if he does not step into the cage or ring again I still respect him for what he has done in this sport. He elevated it to a new level meanwhile remaining a respectable individual that inspired many to be like him or to tune in.


Jose Aldo Says Dana Offered Him 'Bigger Slice' of Cake To Oppose Union

Jose Aldo has always openly supported the ideas of a union for the fighters, and for fighters to receive higher pay before these ideas became widespread among both other fighters and the fans themselves. The young Brazilian MMA legend has also had somewhat of a rocky relationship with the UFC due to him speaking up for such things, and at other times things against the promotion itself. Now after requesting a release from his contract so that he may retire and pursue other endeavors due to the promotion gearing itself towards entertainment rather than sport or martial arts, and claiming that he is willing to take the promotion to court Aldo is opening up more and more about Dana White behind the scenes.

  In a recent interview he has come out to say Dana offered him more money to oppose a union for fighters,

"Not only now that I’m the one being affected, but I always talked about it and defended better things for Brazilian athletes. In a conversation, Dana himself came and told me not to take anyone’s sides because the cake would be split the same for everyone, but I could get a bigger slice if I stayed quiet."

  Aldo is the 'Peoples Champ'. He never shows up to fights injured so that he can put on a good performance for the fans, respectful as he believes that is a big part of what martial arts is about, and despite being offered more money he would rather speak out for the benefit of everyone than remain tight lipped for his own benefit. Aldo is undoubtedly one of the pound for pound greats, and if that cannot be seen then you are either blind or likely new to MMA. He went undefeated for a 10 year period, and in that 10 year period Scarface he racked up 19 wins, 2 championship belts, 1 interim championship belt, and a combined(WEC/UFC) 9  consecutive title defenses. Respect to him for taking on all comers, and always top opposition. Unfortunately he fell in 13 seconds in one of the biggest Pay Per View events ever in the sport's history, and with a lot of new eyes viewing him for the first time on such a monumental event that does not do well for his image. Best of luck to Aldo in his future.


Cody Garbrandt: Cruz Trying To Steal My Thunder

>> Wednesday, August 17, 2016

  Cody Garbrandt has skyrocketed in terms of his popularity since he defeated Thomas Almeida back in late May. He has the look, the exciting style, the technical skill, the finishes, and the gift of gab. He has two men on his radar now, and fans want to see him take on both. One is former teammate and former UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw and UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz. Fans loved his last fight, and have been demanding he receive a title shot since. Garbrandt however is currently scheduled to fight Dominick Cruz this upcoming weekend on the UFC 202 fight card against Takeya Mizugaki, and if "No Love" performs both well and gets the win he will likely get the title shot. That seems pretty clear to me because the UFC just scheduled John Lineker who is on a 5 fight win streak against dangerous John Dodson, and Dillashaw still has yet to have anything announced.

  Garbrandt believes that Cruz has everything to lose however,

"In his defense, he goes and fights me, he loses everything," Garbrandt said Monday at a media lunch here. "He loses the legacy he built as the bantamweight champion. He's beaten every bantamweight. He's beaten every Alpha Male that he's fought. But I'm a different Alpha Male than he has faced."

  Garbrandt believes that when he watched Cruz for the first time against Faber back in June that he saw everything that he needed to see,

"When he throws punches, his chin is exposed. His head is out of the lane and I'l be able to find that very accurately. That's all I needed to see was just the one fight live and it gave me the confidence to know that I will knock him out."

The rising Team Alpha Male star believes that Cruz is only mentioning his name to steal his spotlight so that he can remain a star in the division however,

"He's talking about fighting me. Another thing is, he's saying I'm riding Urijah Faber's coattails. But really, Dominick is riding my coattails. I'm the one that's in the media, getting talked about the most. So he wants to jump in there and try to steal my thunder."

Later on the Bantamweight contender stated that his plans are to defeat Mizugaki, get a title shot, defeat Cruz, defend his title against TJ Dillashaw who he claims he knocked out in practice back at Team Alpha Male, and then to defend the belt a second time against John Lineker. How does Cody Garbrandt stack up against Dominick Cruz and TJ Dillashaw in your eyes?


Interview With Flyweight Prospect Shawn Mack!

>> Thursday, July 28, 2016

  Shawn Mack is an exciting Flyweight prospect from Michigan. He currently fights out of the gym Grand Rapids Mixed Martial Arts(GRMMA) under great coach Johnny Grigware. Shawn has a record of 5-2 with all 5 of his wins coming in the first round round, and both of his losses coming by decision. He is currently ranked #2 at Flyweight in his state, and #21 at Flyweight in the Midwest. Let's take the time to get to know Shawn!

MMA Repz: So tell us a little bit about your hobbies, favorite music or artists, favorite types of movies etc.
Coach Grigware in the red

Shawn Mack: "My favorite hobbies are playing basketball &/or eating out. Music I have no favorites I listen to almost anything but I’m old school so I still jam to music from the 90’s. Movies I love action, a good thriller, and suspense or horror movie."

MMA Repz: So how did you get into MMA?

Shawn Mack: "My son was doing Tae Kwon Do and boxing and mentioned something about MMA. I was playing in a Sunday football league (SFL) and wanted to stay in shape, so Nikki “T-Money” Duncan was working out at the YMCA and seen they were offering MMA classes which sparked our interest. Nikki mentioned if we’re going to do it (MMA) we should find a gym that specializes in MMA and not the once a week thing at Y. She found GRMMA we went in and they treated us like family so that’s pretty much how it started. I never thought or intended to even compete but here I am today lol. I guess we can thank Mark Malone (GRMMA) because he had signed me up for my first amateur fight."

MMA Repz: What was the first fight that you remember watching?

Shawn Mack: "I don’t remember"

MMA Repz: Who would you consider your favorite fighter to watch and why?

Shawn Mack: "I’m a Louis “Sapo” Santos fan, I’m drawn to his style because the dude's vicious."

MMA Repz: Who do you believe is the best P4P fighter on this planet today?

Shawn Mack: "I would have to go with DJ (Demetrious Johnson)"

MMA Repz: How would you describe your style?

Shawn Mack: "Unstoppable lol, but no I’m a striker at heart and I’d describe it as unorthodox and it’s a lot people haven’t got to see yet!"

MMA Repz: You have proven yourself to be excellent both on the feet and on the mat. but where would you consider yourself the strongest at?

Shawn Mack: "I feel I’m a well-rounded fighter, I really like to stand and strike but no one will strike with me so I have to rely on my ground/submission skills for the most part. So, to answer your question I feel my striking is my strongest."

MMA Repz: So you have a loss on your record and that is to Canadian fighter Malcolm Gordon. How did it feel to lose for the first time?

Shawn Mack: "It doesn’t bother me at all or should I say that much, I know in this sport anyone can lose at any time. Plus, I know I’m a better fighter than Malcolm he just stuck to a good game plan and I was lazy."

MMA Repz: Do you want a rematch with Malcolm Gordon? Anything you would like to say to him?

Shawn Mack: "Of course, I would LOVE a rematch. No, there’s nothing I have to say to him except I wish him the best in his upcoming/future bouts, unless it’s me."

MMA Repz: Everybody seems to know you as this rising Flyweight talent from the state, but you are also ranked at #8 at Bantamweight in Michigan. Are you interested in testing yourself against the other top Bantamweights in Michigan such as Vince Murdock, Mike Fernandez, or even #1 ranked Cody Stamann?

Shawn Mack: "As I’ve stated before I could care less about the rankings, but if those bouts make sense at the time then I wouldn’t mind. I would have to bulk up though because I only walk at 138-140lbs."

MMA Repz: Which weight class do you feel better at Flyweight or Bantamweight?

Shawn Mack: "I’m a flyweight, but I probably would end up moving up if it gets difficult on finding fights, but I would definitely need to bulk up."

MMA Repz: How close do you believe you are to getting picked up by bigger promotions such as World Series of Fighting, Bellator, or even the UFC?

Shawn Mack: "I think I’m a fight or two away after fight scheduled June 11th, I just have to compete elsewhere not just in Michigan."
*This fight has passed. Shawn lost a close and competitive fight unfortunately

MMA Repz: Anything you would like to say to the fans, anybody you want to call out, or any shout outs you would like to do?

Shawn Mack: "Yes, I would like to give huge shout outs to my sponsors: Urban’s Tattoo, Detroit Mma Tv and SFCL and to my gym/fight team GRMMA/M.O.D. Elite. My family and friends of course! and to the fans for your continued support! And for anyone that enters the cage with me 'WELCOME 2 HELL'"

Shawn has a fight coming up on August 27 against Jonathan Walker at the Delta Plex in Grand Rapids, MI on the Knockout Promotions 50 Fight card. If you are able to come and support Shawn that night!

Go like his fan page at


Interview With South African Champ Irshaad Sayed

>> Thursday, July 21, 2016

Irshaad Sayed is a fighter from South Africa. He is known for his striking and his heart. He is currently the champion of the EFC Bantamweight division. He won his belt in his most recent fight after the champion Demarte Pena(11-0) refused to fight him unless it was in his home country of Angola. In the past he has won titles in both kickboxing and in Muay Thai, and he did win a title in the Chinese MMA promotion RUFF. We decided to check up on how Sayed was doing and learn some more about him! The video of his most recent fight where he won his belt will be at the bottom of the article!

MMA Repz: Tell us about your upbringing...
Irshaad Sayed: "I grew up in Surrey estate, a predominantly coloured neighbourhood in Cape Town. I was always very active as a child playing all sports and excelling in cricket. At age 14 I started Muay Thai and really enjoyed the training, slowly I started to drop my other activities and my focus shifted into improving my Muay Thai skills."

What is your favorite type of music?
Irshaad Sayed: " I don't listen to music"

What do you do for fun outside of martial arts?
Irshaad Sayed: "I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I love motorsports, so anytime I can get onto a track I go for it. I also snowboard, wakeboard and mountain bike."

How did you get into MMA?
Irshaad Sayed: "I started training Muay Thai as a teenager. A few years back I was offered a MMA in Macau and I took it without doing any grappling. I won that fight by KO and its just been a natural progression from there."

How would you describe your style?
Irshaad Sayed: "I feel I've evolved into a well rounded MMA athlete. My style involves a lot of angle changes, footwork and mixing strikes into takedowns. I like to dictate the pace of the fight as I'm always well conditioned."

How did you get the nickname "White Tiger"?
Irshaad Sayed: "Picked up my nickname from a promoter in Thailand. He asked me what my nickname was and I said I didn't have one. That night when they announced my name they called me white tiger and it has stuck."

You've trained at multiple gyms. Where was your favorite place to train at, and what made the experience there so different?
Irshaad Sayed: "Definitely Evolve MMA in Singapore. Just have so many high level guys based there. Various champions in all different forms of martial arts. It's truly a breeding ground for excellence."
A post Sayed made on social media of his
trophies and Pena

It is pretty clear that your rival is the undefeated South African MMA fighter, and EFC Bantamweight Champion Demarte Pena. You two have been going back and forth for a while now, but have never fought. Can you explain the situation for us?
Irshaad Sayed: "There are always 2 sides to a story. I think whoever is a fan of mine will support me and whoever is a fan of Demarte will support him. Regardless of what I say here, it's not going to change anyone's opinion. I'm looking forward to settling the score on the hex"

Does the fact that Demarte Pena is undefeated mean anything to you?
Irshaad Sayed: "Absolutely not! He hasn't faced any note worthy opponents. Padding a record these days is very easy."

Does being the "interim" bother you at all, or do you believe you are the official champion?
Irshaad Sayed: "Head over to the EFC website and take a look at who is listed as the EFC bantamweight world champion."

What do you think about the state of African MMA?
Irshaad Sayed: "MMA in Africa has certainly boomed over the past few years. EFC have done a great job promoting the sport and fighters from all over the continent."

Do you see African wrestling styles such as Senegalese wrestling techniques being incorporated into MMA one day?
Irshaad Sayed: " I don't know enough about traditional African martial arts, like Senegalese wrestling to make an educated comment. However my philosophy is to take whatever is effective from any martial art and incorporate it into your game."

Do you believe you are close to signing with big promotions such as Bellator, World Series of Fighting, or even the UFC?
Irshaad Sayed: "At this point no. I still have a lot of unfinished business in the EFC. Many have tried and failed, I will only look to take the next step when the time is right."

Any idea on when we see you in the cage next?
Irshaad Sayed: "I have been chatting to Graeme, the EFC match maker and it's likely I'll be back towards the end of the year in Cape Town."

Tell us who you want to interview next guys!!


Eddie Alvarez Admits To Fearing Dos Anjos

>> Monday, July 18, 2016

    Eddie Alvarez showed a great sense of urgency to finish Rafael Dos Anjos when he landed the punch that looped around the Brazilian arm's, and rocked him. Alvarez went wild with flurries of punches, abandoning the technical boxing that he is known for. It won him the fight the fight however. He the belt was now his, and the 11 fight win streak of Rafael Dos Anjos came to an end. Alvarez admits he was fearful despite not looking like it. Here is his take on how his emotions play into his fighting style,

Alvarez pounding out the greatest Japanese fighter of
all time, Shinya Aoki
"When I look back on my career and I told people going into this fight, whenever I get a guy that everyone is high up about, that he's really dangerous, that he's killing opponents, I usually knock those guys out," Alvarez said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "It has nothing to do with me being good or me having a certain technique, I get scared. I literary get afraid to the point where my body reacts in ways that it just makes for phenomenal performances."

  Alvarez is not one to shy away from a fight though. He never has been,

"So in the past, I always wanted guys that are super dangerous because my body responds in ways that surprise myself. And I've always done that especially against southpaws. Every southpaw I ever fought mostly, I think were my most vicious knockouts of my career, so dos Anjos was that guy. That's why I said he probably shouldn't be real violent with me the way he was with Pettis and these other guys because I respond differently when people attack me like that, and I think it's because I'm a little afraid to be honest with you."
See what he said about southpaws above? He did state he wants McGregor in a previous interview.... That makes for an excellent bout on the feet. Back to the point... Alvarez does not see anything wrong with fear in this sport,
Alvarez has a win over former Strikeforce Lightweight
Champ, Gilbert Melendez who later failed for PEDs
"People say in this sport and look at it as a sign of weakness like, ‘oh, fighters shouldn't be afraid', but I have a line that says, ‘be afraid, be very afraid,' because that fear throughout my whole career has gotten me my most vicious knockouts I've ever had. When I had them nerves, and I turned them into 'I'm okay with being afraid.' I can embrace it as long as I make the walk and I show up to compete. Being afraid is perfectly normal. So I think against guys like that, when guys that are super dangerous I respond differently."
What Is Next For Eddie Alvarez and His Belt?
Just flippin' and shit
  Tony Ferguson is on an 8 fight win streak that includes 6 finishes, and some spectacular fights. Ferguson has so many tools both standing, and on the mat, and some have referred to him as the Swiss Army Knife of MMA. El Cucuy also has heart! He can present the champion with quite a few problems anywhere that fight goes. The champ has heart too. When great heart meets great heart we have potential for a classic. Ferguson deserves the title shot.
  Khabib Nurmagomedov is undefeated with a record of 23-0. His run in the UFC has been anything short of dominant due to the use of excellent Sambo. The issue here is that his last fight was his first in two years after multiple injuries, and on top of that it was an opponent who when most fans heard the announcement were scratching their head asking "Who?". He should fight Nate Diaz if Diaz can beat McGregor again. Khabib and Diaz present many problems for one another. Khabib needs to get close, but Diaz is the taller man here. Diaz throws a lot of simple straight punch combinations, but that could be enough to keep the Dagestanian at bay. At the same time Khabib can shoot in for a takedown, and the Diaz brothers are not known for their takedown defense. To go along with this Khabib is excellent from the clinch and top control which are two things that have historically given the Diaz brothers problems consistently throughout their careers. Diaz is excellent from the bottom though. So many different things could occur in that match up. I would have mentioned McGregor, but win or lose he needs to unify his belt with Jose Aldo.


Daniel Cormier Claims He Was Starstruck Against Anderson Silva

>> Sunday, July 17, 2016

  Daniel Cormier is now gaining recognition as the official Light Heavyweight Champion of the UFC. He already was considered as more of a "Peoples Champ" due to his usual good nature in the public eye. He recently fought at UFC 200 in a non-title bout against Anderson Silva who flew in from Brazil on two days notice after Jon Jones was removed from the fight card due to a failed drug test. His performance was seen as lackluster by many fans, and many have left comments all over various forums, social media, and youtube etc saying that they believe Anderson would have beaten had he done a full camp for this fight. Cormier had to say that being starstruck by Brazilian Octagon legend contributed to his performance,

"All day Friday I'm telling myself I'm just going to smash him, I don't care that its Anderson Silva, I'm just going to smash this dude, and when I looked across from him and he's crouching, he's in his Spider position. In that moment, I did kind of have that one moment where I went wow, that's Anderson Silva."

  As stated previously many fans saw the Light Heavyweight Champion's performance as lackluster, but there were plenty of fans who understood Cormier's approach to fighting Anderson. Cormier has a message to those who criticized his performance,

"It was me fighting in the way I needed to and what am I supposed to do standing in front of Anderson Silva? It would be catastrophic if I lost that fight to Anderson, still was the champion, and then Anderson went down a weight class and challenged for the belt, like where I was supposed to go from there."

  Regardless Cormier is finally beginning to gain a lot of respect from many who had booed him despite Jon Jones multiple public incidents. Maybe fans actually begin to realize that Cormier is a good guy who they can get behind, or maybe they are jumping ship due to the disappointment that Jon Jones has been to the fans who want to watch him and most importantly himself.

What's Next for these two UFC 200 combatants?

  For Daniel Cormier he should take some time off, heal up, train to improve on some specific areas of his game rather fight specific, and wait for the outcome of  Texeira vs Rumble Johnson. Teixeira is a riding a three fight win streak and Rumble is riding a two win streak of his own, and each fighter has finished each opponent on their current streaks. They are the only good contenders at the moment. Gustafsson has a fight coming up, but even if he wins that fight it would only be his first win after his last two losses. Gustafsson between 2013 to now has only won one fight.... Ryan Bader was riding a 5 fight win streak that was ended in round one via vicious knockout from Anthony Johnson. If the UFC does not start signing more Light Heavyweight talent they are going to quickly run out of match ups for the champ that are very promotable and main event spot on Pay Per View worthy. In the mean time while the division builds up new contenders he could take a fight at Heavyweight for old times sakes. It doesn't have to be a top 5 heavyweight either.
Rumble always makes an excellent option for anyone!

  I would love to see Anderson Silva move up to Light Heavyweight personally. 3-1 at that weight class. Cormier was by far the best fighter he had stepped into the Octagon with at that weight considering that the other men he beat there were Forrest Griffin, James Irvin, and Stephan Bonnar who are all men I believe we can safely agree are from elite in the division by today's standards at least. Silva has some promotable match ups at that weight that fans have been asking for a while now such as fights against Shogun Rua and Rashad Evans. He definitely has a speed advantage there. He is 41 years old, and the older a fighter gets the tougher the weight cuts are... His best days are definitely behind him I would say though. I can't see him beating the beating a man like Rumble though. Both men love to strike, their main objective is to get the knockout, but the way they approach doing such is drastically different. We still have a bit of Anderson Silva left to see.


Ronda Rousey Seeking "Revenge"!

  Ronda Rousey has been out of action ever since that November night when she received the head kick that shocked the world from former boxing champion Holly Holm. Rousey was set to be out for a long time due to damage sustained that would keep her out of movie roles as well, but I personally believe the damage done to her popularity afterwards played a big role in that..... She wanted to sit out awhile as well, but then as soon as Holm was stripped of the title she snatched from Rousey by a choke from Rousey's longtime rival Miesha Tate, suddenly we saw news that Rousey had returned to the gym, could eat apples again, she wanted to come back much sooner etc. This called many people to question her mind set and begin to view it as an extremely fragile one, and I will paste part of an article I wrote discussing this that evaluates her mindset.

  Miesha Tate recently lost her title in the first round to Brazilian Amanda Nunes in a very brutal fashion. Rousey suddenly seems pretty interested once more in getting the title shot as she says right here,

"I want to win my belt back."

  That was pretty straightforward, right? Then she goes in a little deeper during the same session though. She goes on to mention a quote that her mother told her a while back,

"My mom, she pulled me to the side of the mat and she’s like ‘I’m going to tell you what my coach told me. He said winning’s a bitch, but revenge is a motherfucker!’"

  Maybe she has a regained her confidence that made her feel unstoppable before that head kick from Holly Holm had knocked out of her completely. Here is the part from a previous article I wrote that examines her mind set after Miesha Tate defeated Holly Holm, and how that single loss from Holm still haunts her.

Fragile Mind?(
  A lot of people say that this points to Ronda Rousey having a weaker mind than we all once thought or that she may have a bully mind set. This just might be very true. Rousey seemed pretty bothered when Holm put her fist to her face during the pre-fight weigh in. There were many doubts that Ronda would comeback after Holm played the role of a great matador, kept the bull missing when it charged, and eventually slayed the animal or in this case Ronda when the head kick landed in the second round. The Preacher's Daughter was the kid on the playground that stood up to the bully, she was David who showed Goliath he was not so mighty after all. "I was in the medical room, like down in the corner, and I was like 'What am I anymore if I'm not this? And I was literally sitting there thinking about killing myself. And in that exact second I was like 'I'm nothing. I'm like 'What do I do anymore?" Said Rousey.

Tate's best success came in the second fight when she would collide with Rousey straight on and actually try to push Rousey backwards, unlike Rousey's other opponents aside from Holm, who would meet her head to head and then fix themselves onto the spot they are standing once the action begins.. Ronda was quiet for a bit after the loss, seen covering her face at the airport, and up until Tate took the belt all of her talk was about how bad she felt, suicide, rude fans etc. 

  Her return to training and eagerness to get back to training sooner months ahead of when she was scheduled, points to a weaker state of mind to take on a woman she beat twice rather than avenge her loss to the first person to ever defeat her. She wants to take on somebody that she believes is beatable because she feels confident that after beating Tate twice she can do it again. It is understandable though in a sense. You begin getting all of this media attention, being asked to appear in both movies and commercials left and right, are constantly being told of your greatness, dominating nearly everyone, undefeated, UFC champion, and then you lose in such a brutal fashion. Long time rival Cris Cyborg to the Judo Olympian had this to say, "I think it's, uh, weak mind. Because you know, when you fight, you can, you can win. You know, it's a sport. You cannot think you want suicide because you lose one fight."

Holm is to Ronda Rousey what Buster Douglas was to Mike Tyson, and the loss will continue to haunt her until she avenges that loss. That knockout will continue to replay in her mind over and over. Once Rousey picks up a win or two she may want to finally get in the cage, and challenge the woman who haunts her head on. Fighting is a very emotional sport for nearly everyone involved however. Most fans do not train, have never even sparred before, never had to cut weight, never had to perform in front of a large crowd, be judged by such a wide audience etc. There is a lot that factors into how a fighter's mind works. We have seen some fighters never be the same after losing for the first time. Some have a hard time stringing together wins consistently, fighting as confidently as they once did etc. Do you believe Ronda Rousey will be able to bounce back successfully and make the proper adjustments to her game? 


Eddie Alvarez: McGregor Is Not A Championship Fighter

>> Wednesday, July 13, 2016

  Eddie Alvarez recently won the UFC title from Rafael Dos Anjos who was on a tear through the division. Alvarez had a tough road to the UFC title. From winning titles in multiple promotions, winning the Bellator Lightweight tournament, winning the Bellator Lightweight Championship twice, entering the UFC and going straight up against only top 5 opponents, and was a well experienced veteran inside of the cage with 31 fights before he got his UFC title shot. Many doubted him coming into the UFC because he was a Bellator fighter, but let's remember that the top WEC and Strikeforce fighters excelled  when they came over to the #1 promotion in the sport, and Alvarez was the top Lightweight outside of the UFC. Alvarez came in against Dos Anjos the underdog, and shut up all of the doubters in round one when Dos Anjos put his hands up, but was still rocked because Alvarez looped around his opponent's arms with a vicious hook that rocked his Brazilian foe, and it was all downhill for the Brazilian from there.

  I discussed Alvarez experience above with a purpose. He has been doing 5 round fights for a long time now. So title bouts, the pressure of having a title on the line, knowing how deep he needs to dig down within himself, the preparation required to go 5 rounds, and actually going 5 rounds is nothing new to him. He believes that to be able to go 5 rounds is something that one has to build up to, but in a recent interview with Ariel Helwani he stated that he believes Diaz has built up to that, but McGregor has not. Check out what the champ said here,

"I think Nate takes it. I just don't think, I don't think you don't become a 5 round fighter in that small amount of time. It takes years. I think in boxing you start off as a four round fighter, then you go into 6 rounds, then you go into 8 rounds, 10 rounds. They do that because the body doesn't adjust within 6 months to become a championship fighter. It takes years to be able to build your body in that system to be able to fight, and be a efficient for 5-5 minute rounds. I believe Nate Diaz has the ability to do that, and stay calm, be cool and collective doing that. I don't think Conor does. So no matter how bad the fight gets or what not I don't think Conor puts Nate away. Even if Conor is dominant I see him dumping out and rolling over."

  Nate Diaz has 29 fights and Conor McGregor is 22 fights into his career. Nate Diaz is no stranger to decisions, having gone to them 11 times in his career, and his training is actually geared towards endurance. McGregor has only gone beyond the 2nd round one time, and if you actually pay attention he does appear to be out of breath after a few of his short fights. The MMA Repz team actually discussed that together a few times. Something you will notice with many fighters who have finish fights quickly is that usually after the first round or two everything about them goes downhill. That is another thing the MMA Repz staff discussed privately together with Rousey and Belfort in the past.

  Another thing to add in is that Eddie has a total of 32 fights now. He has the experience that allows him to understand how deep he needs to dig down, how to pace himself against different fighters, how to be efficient, know how much he can handle etc.  He also was extremely well conditioned and sharp for his title fight with RDA. His main training partners Frankie Edgar who is also no stranger to 5 round fights, Edson Barboza, and WSOF Bantamweight Champion Marlon Moraes were all preparing for their own at the same time as well. Usually in a gym you will see some fighter be not as intense with training therefore leading to not being as conditioned, sharp with their timing or skills, not as competitive in the gym etc, but this was not the case as each of those high level training partners was well conditioned, ready to go the distance if necessary, had competitive mindsets, and were sharp thus helping to prepare Alvarez to go all 5 if needed. 

  It will be interesting to see who he is matched up against next in the division for his first title defense. Alvarez may get Nate Diaz next if he beats McGregor again. Two other options are the undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov who is ranked right beneath the champ despite being out for two years only to comeback and dominate an unranked fighter, but still in his typical extremely dominant fashion with the use of his excellent Sambo. The other is Tony Ferguson who is on the rise, and proving to be so much of a threat to everyone in all areas. The UFC does not like to match up top contenders against one another however so it is unlikely that we see Ferguson vs Nurmagomedov, although it was scheduled before, for the title shot. That is a rare occurrence because it eliminates contenders, but I feel it should be the requirement to getting a title shot. The future of the division is looking bright however.

  Just an odd idea to throw out. How about a superfight and trilogy match between Eddie Alvarez and Bellator Lightweight Champion Michael Chandler? The two are 1-1 with each other, and their fights have been viewed many times. Both were fight of the year candidates. The fact that it would be a UFC vs Bellator event would draw in many eyes, but the history these two have would draw in some more attention. Chandler has only improved as well, and he actually began training with Alvarez former team the Blackzilians in Florida. Just a thought, but I doubt this will ever occur.


Johny Hendricks Wants GSP Rematch At Middleweight!

>> Tuesday, July 05, 2016

  Last time we saw Georges St-Pierre in the Octagon it was at UFC 167 in November of 2013. The MMA legend was tested greater in that title defense than he had been in any other fight in various aspects of the fight by Johny Hendricks, The fight ended, and Bruce Buffer announced "And Still!" George smiled and we saw Hendricks instantly drop to the floor in heartbreak. He thought he had dominated the fight four rounds to one, and a large amount of fans did as well. This writer personally believe the fight comes down to how one scored that first round. Afterwards in the post fight interviews we saw a confused and vague Georges St-Pierre unsure of the direction he wanted to take next in life rather it was retirement, a hiatus, or whatever. In the other interview we saw an angry and anxious to return to Hendricks demanding a rematch. 

  Now three years later GSP is looking to return to the Octagon, and possibly at Middleweight against newly crowned Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping! Meanwhile Johny Hendricks since that November night has been unable to string together a solid win streak since then going 2-2 in the four fights he's had since then, and he has had some issues in regards to making weight that has had some fans screaming for him to be forced to compete at middleweight by the UFC. Hendricks is currently scheduled to compete on the prelims of the monumental upcoming UFC 200 fight card.

  Interesting enough Hendricks showed a genuine and solid interest in rematching St-Pierre, but at middleweight(VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM)! Now Hendricks may actually benefit from the 15 less pounds to cut meaning he could dedicating more time towards fight specific training versus training to lose weight, he may have more power at a bigger weight, and seeing he would be better hydrated at 185 pounds he would likely have both better endurance and strength! 

One thing that we know about the Montreal native is that he comes back better than ever for rematches! We saw Georges get armbarred by Matt Hughes and TKO'd by Matt Serra. In the rematch with Hughes he won by TKO and in their third encounter got revenge with an armbar of his own. In the rematch with Serra he came out strong and dominated from beginning to end to deliver revenge with his own vicious TKO stoppage of Serra. His original gameplan for the first fight was to force Hendricks to move back or to put Hendricks on his back to stop him from being able to make efficient use of the dynamite in his hands. Hendricks stopped the takedowns of GSP and outmuscled the French Canadian like nobody had before him. On top of that he refused to let GSP pressure him backwards and for the most kept the fighter in the center of the cage, and rocked the then current champ. Who knows what St-Pierre has been working on during his hiatus. All we know is that he refused to comeback unless legendary boxing coach, Freddie Roach, agreed to be in his corner for all of his future fights.



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